Trupanion Pet Insurance

Trupanion pet insurance provides coverage for dogs and cats similar to the health insurance plans that a person would choose for humans. There is no doubt that veterinarian care is expensive and unfortunately, just as humans may skip going to the doctor if they lack health insurance, pet owners may forego the veterinarian if they feel they can’t afford the bills. Trupanion pet insurance provides health insurance for dogs and cats and offers 90% coverage with one simple plan and no payout limits. Those who are seeking pet insurance will find that Trupanion provides extensive coverage at affordable rates.

One area where some pet insurance policies may place prohibitions includes hereditary or congenital breed defects. Many dogs and cats, specifically purebreds, are born with varying conditions or a propensity to develop certain illnesses based upon the breeding processes used for hundreds of years. Trupanion pet insurance doesn’t exclude animals from coverage based upon these conditions. Additionally, as certain cat and dog breeds are prone to certain illnesses it is very likely that your pet will require health care at some point in his or her life. It is also possible that the health needs of your pet will be ongoing and may be chronic.

Many pet insurance companies automatically exclude dog breeds that are known to have congenital conditions and rule them out as having a pre existing condition, regardless of whether or not the animal is exhibiting symptoms of the condition. Trupanion pet insurance doesn’t do this. Though some conditions may not be covered, Trupanion doesn’t automatically exclude certain breeds as having pre existing conditions. Trupanion also encourages pet owners to sign up for health care coverage when their pet is still young, to ensure their pet will be eligible. By signing up for health coverage when a pet is in its first few months of life the chances of a pet being diagnosed as having a preexisting condition is very low.

Families bond with their pets and one of life’s most sorrowful experiences can be when a family cannot afford to pay for a pet’s medical bills and makes the grief stricken decision to put the animal down. The experience is often traumatizing for children and the pain of losing a pet is deep and may last for many years. Though the pain may lessen it never fully goes away. What is more tragic is when an animal could be saved with the proper medical treatment but a family simply can’t afford it. For this reason, all pet owners should invest in the health and well being of their pets by purchasing pet insurance.

Trupanion pet insurance will pay 90% of the healthcare expenses that are covered by your policy and the insured will be required to pay the remaining 10%. The insured will also pay the monthly premium along with routine preventative costs and fees for examinations. Trupanion doesn’t pay the cost of routine exams as they provide coverage for major expenses such as emergency room visits and surgeries. Though congenital conditions are often covered, preexisting conditions are not. It is important for those seeking pet insurance to determine exactly what the policy will cover and what benefits are provided.

Trupanion pet insurance is a very inclusive pet insurance company however there are three requirements that must be met in order for your pet to qualify for coverage. The first is in regards to the age of the pet. Dogs and cats must be between the ages of eight weeks and fourteen years old to qualify for coverage. Insurance coverage is only available to residents of the United States and Canada and those seeking insurance coverage must have a valid email address.

Trupanion pet insurance is an excellent choice for those who are seeking the security and protection of knowing their pet will be covered should emergency situations, chronic illnesses or life threatening conditions arise.

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