Travel Insurance Services

For those who travel outside the United States as well as foreign nationals visiting, studying or working in the U.S., there are a number of travel insurance services that can provide medical, accident and even trip interruption insurance. Since it is unlikely that the traveler’s insurance from their country of birth would be valid in a foreign land, travel insurance services provide the protection needed when traveling far from home.

International Medical Insurance
When traveling abroad, U.S. citizens need to know that any medical issues which may arise will be taken care of. United States health and medical insurance does not cover physicians and hospitals in foreign countries which means that separate travel insurance services will be needed. Most often medical travel insurance services include medical as well as evacuation coverage up to certain limits established when the policy is taken out. There are optional coverages which can include hazardous activities. International medical insurance can be for a very short period of a few days up to a few years for those living abroad while maintaining U.S. citizenship.

Combination Medical and Trip Cancellation Insurance
Most medical insurance plans for those traveling abroad cover emergency medical expensed, emergency evacuations, repatriation expenses for remains, accidental death and dismemberment and even 24 hour assistance worldwide. Many travel insurance providers also offer bereavement counseling to family members in the case of accidental death while the insured is so far away from home. As part of the repatriation of remains coverage, grief counselors meet with families to help them make arrangements to bring their loved one home. However, many people also take out extra coverage for trip cancellation. Not only does this type of insurance cover lost travel costs but also covers lost baggage. The trip length is usually up to one year in duration for a combined travel insurance services policy like this.

Healthcare Insurance for Foreign Nationals in the U.S.
Whether foreign nationals have a work permit or a student visa, their insurance from their homeland will most likely not be honored by U.S. doctors and hospitals. Travel insurance services are covered by a number of travel insurance providers just for situations like this. It is true that many such policies are strictly for U.S. citizens traveling abroad, but there are specific policies for foreign students and visitors which many of these companies will underwrite. Most often the terms are for periods up to one year in duration and many are renewable after that. In fact, these types of travel insurance services are ideal for new immigrants to the U.S.

Frequent Traveler Travel Insurance Services
A great option for travelers who are frequently away from home at some distant location is to purchase frequent traveler travel insurance services. This type of coverage usually combines medical and evacuation or either of those can be purchased alone. The difference between this and other long term travel insurance policies is that this is good for any number of trips while other policies that are longer in duration only cover one single trip and will need to be renewed with each subsequent trip.

Travel insurance services cover a broad range of needs that might arise in the course of travel to foreign lands so it is recommended that travelers get quotes and obtain coverage prior to leaving the country. Costs will vary based on the insurance provider and the amount of coverage, but affordable travel insurance services are available and can be found with a quick online search. Compare several quotes in order to find the best coverage at the lowest cost.

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