Travel Insurance Carriers

There are a number of different types of travel insurance and not all travel insurance carriers will offer the same types of policies. Also, some travel insurance carriers provide their products to citizens around the world while others are limited to those citizens of the United States and/or Canada. Before purchasing travel insurance take the time to understand the various coverages available and then you can begin to look around for the best insurance at the lowest price.

Different Types of Travel Insurance
Some policies are underwritten to guard against lost or damaged baggage while others are health insurance policies that help to cover such things as medical emergencies when traveling abroad, repatriation should emergency evacuation be necessitated, transporting next of kin and even transporting bodily remains if death should occur while abroad. Other types of travel insurance guard against loss due to delayed or canceled flights or missed flights due to prolonged stopovers in other airports.

Travel Insurance Carriers Limited to U.S. Citizens
If you are a resident of the United States, there is a broader base of travel insurance carriers available to you because some carriers only underwrite policies to U.S. residents. While all the major carriers will underwrite policies to the U.S., some include Canadian residents while some companies will underwrite policies for citizens around the world. The top travel insurance carriers that will only underwrite policies to United States residents are Assurant Health, Global Rescue, HTH Worldwide, Travelex Insurance and Travel Insured.

Travel Insurance Carriers Limited to U.S. & Canadian Citizens
The next group of travel insurance carriers is licensed to do business in both the United States and Canada. These companies can provide travel insurance to residents from either country traveling to any location around the world. Keep in mind that not all of these companies will provide the exact type of insurance you are looking for so take the time to get quotes from several carriers to make sure they have what you are looking for. These companies include Travel Guard, Global Alert Travel Insurance, Medjet Assist and Travel Safe.

Global Travel Insurance Carriers
A final group of travel insurance carriers does business around the globe, but it might be wise to find out which of these countries will underwrite travel insurance for citizens in your country. While many of them just might be willing to issue travel insurance policies without exception, others might not be authorized in certain locations around the world. The top global travel insurance carriers include Global Underwriters, International Medical Group, International SOS, iTravel Insured, HCC Medical Insurance and Seven Corners.

Selecting the Right Travel Insurance Plan
When you are shopping for travel insurance do a little research first. Find out what types of insurance are available and then make a ‘shopping list’ of coverages that you need to purchase. From there, finding the right travel insurance carriers is easy. Simply do a search for travel insurance and then when you are taken to a site that will provide quotes from several different companies you simply need to fill out a short questionnaire. Based on your answers you will be matched with companies that provide the coverages you need.

Travel insurance carriers are best found online as you can select from literally every company that has a website. While it is easier to find a site that will let you select from a number of insurance companies, some people choose to do it the old fashioned way and visit each website individually. It doesn’t matter how you go about getting the quotes you need, what matters is that you take the time to compare several quotes before choosing which insurance policy to buy.

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