The Largest Auto Insurance Companies in US

There are a number of automobile insurance companies currently offering services in the United States. Of course, many choose to purchase their vehicle coverage from the largest auto insurance companies in the US simply because they feel that larger companies are the most reliable and offer the best rates and services. If you are searching for the top rated auto insurance agencies in the United States, there are several to consider.

Progressive Auto Insurance is one of the most popularly chosen agencies in the United States, likely because they claim to offer the lowest rates in the nation. Progressive is considered to be one of the fastest growing businesses in the nation. This company began in 1937 and in 2006 wrote more than $14 billion in premiums. They offer a number of options regarding coverage and many different premium costs to meet virtually any budget.

State Farm is another very popular choice. It is considered the absolute largest automobile insurance company in the nation with regards to the total number of cars and trucks that the company insures. State Farm begin in 1922 and offers a wide range of insurance policy types including business insurance, investments and several banking options.

Nationwide Group is one of the largest companies in the US currently offering automobile insurance coverage as well as many other financial services. Nationwide began in the 1920s as an automobile insurance company providing services to mostly farmers. Today they have accumulated more than $160 billion in assets and are the official sponsors for NASCAR.

GEICO is a very popular company as well, as are their commercials with the friendly gecko. GEICO actually stands for Government Employees Insurance Company and was originally designed to provide automobile and other insurance coverage to government employees and their immediate families. They have grown significantly over the past few years and are now considered to be the third largest company in the United States that offers automobile coverage. They have continued to be the fastest growing auto insurance company in the US for nearly ten years in a row, many believe due in part to their commercials featuring the lizard. They currently service 9 million automobile policies which cover more than 15 million vehicles overall.

Amica Insurance is the absolute oldest mutual automobile insurer in the US. The company was originally formed in Rhode Island during the early 1900s and have been ranked at the very top for customer satisfaction from companies such as J.D. Power Organization for the past nine years. Amica is the only auto insurance company to hold this prestigious award for nine years in a row. In addition, Amica Insurance was also named to the Wards Top 50 on various different occasions. In 2008, the company was named as Customer Service Champ by Business Week due to their high level of customer service and overall customer satisfaction.

These are only a few of the very popular automobile insurance companies in the nation and a few of the largest companies across the board. There are various other insurance companies of course that offer automobile coverage. Finding and purchasing the right policy for your specific needs will depend on many different factors including your location, your budget, the number of cars that you need to insure and simply which company you most trust to handle this critical coverage. If you are searching for quotes you can visit any of these companies online and receive quotes for the coverage that you need. Comparing a few or all of them will help you to find the right policy and ultimately the lowest rate for your automobile coverage.

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