Texas Bad Faith Insurance Lawyers

In the State of Texas as well as anywhere else around the world, there are times when you feel that an insurance company has not made good on their contractual agreement to pay what you feel to be valid claims against an insurance policy. This constitutes bad faith and it just might require finding an attorney to take the case to court in order to settle your claim. These claims are not limited to just one type of insurance and can actually be filed against automobile insurance, homeowners insurance, health insurance, commercial liability insurance, cargo insurance and the list goes on. Whether you live in Dallas or Corpus Christi, if you feel that you have a valid claim that is not being paid by an insurance company, there is an abundance of Texas bad faith insurance lawyers who will help you receive the benefits you are entitled to by law.

Legislation in the State of Texas
The State of Texas takes this very seriously and there is legislation in place that protects consumers against bad faith insurance companies. Texas bad faith insurance lawyers specialize in this area of the law so that they will be able to help you resolve your claim as quickly as possible. Sometimes they are able to settle out of court but other times it may require litigation in a court of law. The first thing your attorney will do is try to determine whether or not the insurance policy was in force at the time when a claim was filed against it. If, indeed, there was valid coverage at that time, he or she will seek to recover the benefits that were due to you.

Raising the Red Flag
If you feel that you have stumbled upon a bad faith insurance company that refuses to pay what you consider to be a valid claim, there are certain practices you should be on the lookout for. The first unscrupulous practice that should raise a red flag is an insurance company that tries to retroactively cancel a policy so that it appeared to be ‘not in force’ at the time when the claim was made. Unfortunately, much to our dismay, there really are some companies that will try to do this. Another thing to watch for is whether or not the insurance company is handling a claim within a reasonable amount of time. Some insurance companies will procrastinate to such an extent that many claimants simply just give up. The law is quite specific as to what constitutes a reasonable time and Texas bad faith insurance lawyers can spot this unsavory practice in a minute’s time.

Finding Texas Bad Faith Insurance Lawyers
If you feel you have a bad faith situation on your hands, there are a number of ways you can go about finding Texas bad faith insurance lawyers. Of course we all have seen those late night commercials with attorneys wanting to represent you against insurance companies, but there are other ways to find reputable attorneys as well. You can always look in the local yellow pages or contact the Texas State Bar, but most people find that the easiest way to find Texas bad faith insurance lawyers is to do a quick online search. By typing in your location along with the type of bad faith claim you have, a number of attorneys should appear on the screen from which you can choose.

Most often you are under no obligation to have a particular attorney talk to you nor will you be asked to pay a retainer. Most Texas bad faith insurance lawyers work on a percentage of what they win for you. Since it costs nothing to look, take the time to find an attorney that can achieve a favorable outcome for you.

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