Tesco Car Insurance

Perhaps the reason many people have never even thought of purchasing Tesco car insurance is because they never stopped to think about the fact that they could purchase an insurance product from an online bank or retailer. Tesco bank is also home to one of the web’s premier shopping clubs where everything is discounted to members, which of course includes car insurance. Tesco car insurance is available in the UK at this time.

Value Car Insurance from Tesco
When looking for a comprehensive car insurance policy that is sold without the bells and whistles that accompany those expensive auto insurance products, Tesco has a policy that is cost effective yet with all the coverage you need. They can afford to keep premiums to rock bottom is because it is only available online and to members with a Tesco Club Card. One of the reason’s it is cheaper is because it has a compulsory excess that is higher. Although the insurance is administered by Tesco bank, it is actually underwritten by a handpicked group of insurers.

The Main Benefits of Tesco Car Insurance
Besides the fact that Tesco Car Insurance is so low cost, there are a number of other amazing benefits that can be had by switching over. First, there is the comprehensive coverage that was mentioned above, but there is also the fact that there is a 24 hour helpline based in the UK. Also, the basic policy comes with a guarantee for parts and repairs for a three year period as long as you use a UK-based approved repair shop.

Tesco Breakdown Cover
One of the optional coverages that provides additional benefits is Tesco Breakdown Cover. Along with RAC, Tesco provides the security in knowing that you are protected against roadside breakdowns 365 days a year and they strive to get to you within 40 minutes. In fact, 4 of every 5 automobiles are fixed right there on the spot by the roadside. There is an exclusion, however, which would be accidents and failures that are extreme. You will be charged no labour or fitting cost and even batteries are fitted right there at the breakdown. RAC is renowned for having more patrols per insured than any other such rescue of its type.

Tesco Legal Guard
Sometimes called a gap policy other insurance companies and in other countries such as Canada and the United States, Tesco has an optional coverage called Legal Guard. This coverage provides policy excess, loss of earning, compensation for death or injury and accident repair if your policy does not carry comprehensive cover. Other covers include solicitor fees up to one thousand Pounds, for damages to your vehicle that seem to be unrecoverable from the other insurance company and also for injuries and illnesses that may result. The one thing that won’t be covered is legal suit against Tesco Bank in regards to any insurance provided by Tesco.

Since many of us are looking for affordable car insurance, Tesco is something that bears looking into. It is only available online to UK drivers and is significantly discounted both because it is online and to Tesco Club members as well. If you are looking for comprehensive car coverage at rock bottom prices take the time to compare rates offered by Tesco against the competition. With all the optional covers available it is hard to believe that you will find better insurance for any less the cost. Fill out a short online survey and you will find just how much you will save over and above your current insurance.

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