Temporary Health Insurance

Temporary health insurance, also referred to as short term health insurance, is a health care plan that is used to bridge the gap many individuals face when they are between permanent health insurance plans. There are several situations that may require a person to lose their insurance benefits therefore needing the coverage provided by temporary health insurance.

Students who have just graduated and are no longer covered by their parent’s health insurance may find that they are a perfect candidate for temporary health insurance. These students may be in between jobs or continuing their studies, but not on a full time basis, and need a health care plan that will cover their needs while they wait until graduation or embark on a full time career that will provide health insurance.

Others may need to purchase temporary health insurance as they are in between jobs or in the midst of a waiting period before health care benefits begin with a new job. Those in between jobs may need to choose between temporary health insurance and COBRA. COBRA is typically offered to employees who have recently changed jobs, however, many find the cost of COBRA to be rather expensive. Temporary health insurance can replace COBRA by providing an affordable option and ensuring that patients continue to receive health care. It’s important to know, however, that those who leave COBRA coverage and purchase temporary health insurance will become ineligible for HIPAA coverage. If you are in between insurance but plan to switch to HIPAA insurance, temporary health insurance may not be the best choice as it will render you ineligible for HIPAA insurance.

Temporary health insurance plans provide flexible options as plans may be selected in short increments ranging from one month to one year. It is typically easy to qualify for temporary health insurance; however, these plans will not cover preexisting conditions. You may find that it is best to research your state’s laws regarding the type of coverage you can get from temporary health insurance and what is defined as a preexisting condition. Typically, insurance companies will define a preexisting condition as a condition that you experienced up to three years prior to qualifying for temporary health insurance.

There are several benefits to using temporary health insurance, such as you often have the ability to choose your doctors or specialists without the need to use group doctors. Make certain to read through the terms of the policy to ensure that you understand fully what is covered and not. There may be times when you need your insurer to provide a certification for some treatments, such as hospitalization, and if you neglect this important step you may not be covered. One important fact to keep in mind, however, is that should you become injured or sick during your coverage period you may become ineligible to renew the same policy after your coverage runs out. This is due to the temporary health insurance policy regarding preexisting conditions. If you do become sick or injured and need to extend or renew your temporary health insurance policy the insurance company may offer you a different policy.

One of the greatest benefits to short term health insurance is that the premiums cost significantly lower than permanent health insurance does. The benefits of a temporary health insurance plan are vast as those who become injured or hospitalized without insurance are required to pay hundreds to thousands of dollars for tests, care and hospital stays. Another benefit to using a temporary health insurance plan is that the coverage starts immediately and there are no waiting periods. If you expect to be without health insurance don’t delay. Begin comparing temporary health insurance quotes and find a plan that offers the protection and benefits that you need.

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