Student Travel Insurance

There are many types of insurance today that are designed to protect you in one way or another. Student travel insurance is something that most people neglect to purchase simply because they feel that they will never need it. However, there are many students who find that they need medical or other coverage while away from home. Many students are vulnerable when being far away from home and simply need the protection that student travel insurance provides. You simply never know when the unexpected is going to happen and it is much better to be safe rather than sorry. Students simply get so excited about being away from home and exploring new territory that they fail to realize the financial strain that can be caused when they become ill while overseas or otherwise far away from home. Those visiting foreign countries can easily run up tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills for just one illness, particularly when you consider that medical care is usually only given when payment is received upfront for foreign visitors.

Student travel insurance in itself provides protection for students as well as parents of students who are traveling. If travel plans need to be cancelled because of an illness or problem with the travel company or airline then student travel insurance will help to protect the deposits and payments that have been made on the trip. Health coverage again, is very important as well. Students who become ill when traveling should not have to be concerned with paying for healthcare. Parents will also benefit because they will have peace of mind in knowing that the insurance will ensure that their student receives the appropriate care. Many emergencies like the death of a family member, terrorist incidents or other emergencies are simply unforeseen. Students who must cancel trips because of an incident such as these typically lose all of the money that they have paid for that trip. Most student trips are nonrefundable which means that there is absolutely no exception and no money is refunded for any reason. Student travel insurance will provide a cushion for these emergencies and ensure that the student and his or her family are reimbursed for payments and deposits that are already paid on the trip in the event the trip is cancelled or the student cannot attend as planned.

Additional coverage is also offered in many cases to cover lost or stolen baggage as well as lost or stolen passports. Health coverage is normally not included in basic student travel insurance. Those traveling far away from home should add this policy to their basic coverage to protect against untimely illness or injury. Hospital stays, medical treatments and surgeries are typically covered with healthcare policies as well as emergency medical evacuation to the nearest facility if the student is more than 120 miles from his or her home. Note however that student travel medical insurance will not provide coverage for any condition that is deemed to be pre-existing, conditions that include mental illnesses or any injury from participating in extreme sports. Dental care and routine medical care such as physicals are also not covered by student travel insurance.

When you opt for student travel insurance, coverage for cancellation of the trip begins the day after payment has been made on the policy. Other coverage such as medical and baggage claim coverage begins on the day that the student departs on the trip and ends when the student arrives home or if the trip is cancelled. Other provisions for coverage may apply depending on the policy and the specific insurance company. Be sure to read over the policy very carefully to determine when coverage dates begin and end.  Additional coverage may also be available for emergency travel arrangements and legal referrals. Again, check specific plans and choose the one that best suits you or your student.

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