Progressive Boat Insurance

If you own a boat then chances are you want to have the best possible insurance just in case anything should happen to it. If you opt for Progressive’s customized boat insurance then you will feel at peace in knowing that you have obtained the absolute best coverage possible for your beloved boat. Some people save for what feels like an entire lifetime to get their first boat. If this sounds familiar then you will want to be sure your boat is protected. You never know what may happen when you are cruising the waters in your dream boat but having Progressive Boat insurance will put your mind at ease as they offer the most comprehensive coverage possible.

Progressive Makes It Easy
Progressive makes getting coverage very easy with their online application. All you have to do is simply go to their website and fill out a quick information form listing the type of boat you have and a few other minor details and before you know it your policy quote is ready to go. You can print out your initial proof of insurance and they will also e-mail you confirmation of coverage. After just a few days to a week your permanent insurance card will arrive in the mail. Getting insurance for your boat with Progressive is fast and easy.

Live Agents
While you can go online to purchase your boat insurance policy from Progressive they understand that there may be questions you have about specific types of coverages. For this reason there is always a live agent available to talk to you about any questions and concerns you might have. Even if you are just concerned about the type of coverage you should have an agent will be happy to assist you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Features of Progressive Boat Insurance
There are many options available to boat owners when they purchase their boat insurance through Progressive. There are a variety of specialized choices that a boat owner may opt for such as On water towing, road side assistance, total loss replacement and much more. In addition, Progressive will cover any extra custom work you have done on your boat. If you have made improvements to the boat Progressive will cover those additions as well. Some insurance companies will only cover the basic cost of replacing the boat if there should ever be an accident that results in damage or loss. Progressive is different in that they recognize how much your hard earned money matters to you.

Progressives Coverage
Progressive even offers something other insurance companies do not and that is an agreed value option. Essentially what this means is that Progressive will cover your boat for an amount you and your adjuster agree on when you purchase the policy, no matter how much your boat may have depreciated since the policy was purchased. Progressive’s boat insurance will cover any and all damages that occur to your boat as a result of weather, fire, vandalism, theft and much more. If your boat is considered a total loss after the incident then Progressive will allow you to choose between a replacement boat and a check to compensate you.

Progressive has been a leading name in insurance for a very long time so it comes as no surprise that boat owners everywhere are choosing a great number of insurance policies to protect their boats. Whether your boat is the newfound dream of a lifetime or a boat that you are looking for find new coverage for, Progressive boat insurance has a plan that will give you great coverage at prices that are affordable.

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