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Product Liability Insurance

Product Liability insurance protects the manufacturer in cases where they have lawsuits brought against them due to their products injuring someone. Just about every manufacturing company must have Product Liability insurance on their products for protective coverage in case a customer is ever injured by using one of their products. By having this type of insurance, the insurance policy covers any financial award that would be due to an injured party. Because this kind of insurance coverage exists, manufacturers of retail products do not have to be too concerned about any monetary damages associated with a law suit due to their products.

This is one form of insurance that should not be overlooked by anyone who is in the manufacturing business. Such a business should obtain this form of insurance before they even begin to sell their products. Having product liability insurance coverage is absolutely critical to protect your assets. It could mean the difference between your company going bankrupt because of a lawsuit or staying afloat. Without product liability insurance your company would have to pay out of pocket in the event it is ever sued and the plaintiff wins a case because of a defective product. Having this kind of insurance coverage can bring this threat to the survival of a business to an end. You company can then focus on fixing whatever the problem is with the product instead of worrying about being wiped out because of a lawsuit.

Small businesses need product liability coverage as well if they are producing a product. However, their liability coverage needs may be different than those of a large corporation. A comprehensive product liability plan for various kinds of companies can vary based upon the product that they manufacture. For instance, a company manufacturing and selling blankets doesn’t necessarily have to have the same policy plan or the same amount of coverage as a company who manufacturers and sells chain saws.

When shopping for product liability insurance you will find that obtaining it can be somewhat difficult. Not many insurance agencies offer this type of coverage so you will have to do some research and find one that specializes in it. Once you locate an insurance agency that sell insurance to cover liabilities involving products the broker will typically ask questions and take into account several aspects concerning your business before they can determine the form of product liability insurance that your business needs and if their insurance company has a policy for it. This means that the insurance agents will have to determine the scope of what your business does and the kind of products being manufactured. They will also have to take into consideration where and to whom the products are distributed to in order to sell your products as well as who is buying your products. They can then determine what amount of product liability coverage your company needs so that it will be protected during the event of a lawsuit.

Retail stores also need to purchase product liability insurance as well. Importers and distributors also need this kind of insurance. A retail store can be sued if a customer buys a product from them that causes injury or harm, even if they don’t make the product. In this case a lawsuit can be brought against the retail establishment and the manufacturer. Product liability laws in the United States dictate hold everyone responsible for that has anything to do with making and selling products. Large money awards because of injury claims can ruin any business if they do not have sufficient insurance for such cases.

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