Private Dental Insurance

Healthy teeth and gums are important when it comes to your overall well-being. Dental care can be expensive, even for routine maintenance, which is why millions of people have dental coverage. If your employer does not provide dental coverage or you are self-employed, you may want to consider private dental insurance. There are all kinds of insurance companies that offer this, as part of a larger health insurance plan and as a separate policy. You can get coverage for yourself, or your entire family. There is even orthodontic coverage which is ideal for families with pre-teens and/or teens who may need braces.

There are some things that most dental insurance plans will cover and some things that are excluded. For example, most all plans cover routine preventative care like annual cleaning and X-rays. Cavity filling and certain procedures like tooth extraction and root canals may be covered also. Emergency surgery for injury or infection may also be covered under the plan. Cosmetic procedures like tooth whitening treatments are usually excluded, as are orthodontics unless you have a plan that specifically covers orthodontics. Make sure you understand the coverage areas and exclusions before signing up for any new policy.

You also want to make sure your dentist takes the private dental insurance you are thinking of getting before you apply. It's no use to pay for insurance coverage that your dentist doesn't accept. So, check with the office to see what kind of insurance they do take before you shop around. You may be given a list of insurance providers with whom you can inquire about the features and rates of their policies. Often this can be done on the Internet, which is fast and easy.

If you already have a list of insurance companies handy, all you have to do is type their names into a major search engine to find their website. There, you can usually obtain an instant free quote based on the information you submit such as your age, how many people will be on the policy and their ages, how much coverage you need, the deductible you choose and so on. There may be multiple plans for which you can get quoted. These figures are just estimates; you will not have an official price for your policy until you have completed an application which has been approved by the insurance agency's underwriting department.

You may not know which companies you want to apply with. If this is the case, a search engine query can point you towards individual insurance agencies and brokers where you can investigate private dental insurance. Brokers are helpful because they can get you multiple quotes from a number of different insurance companies with one simple form. If you already have a health insurance policy, check with your insurance agent to see if dental coverage can be added and if so, for how much. Often dental, vision and maternity plans are optional add-ons to the average health insurance policy.

Private dental insurance is a good thing for any individual or family to have. With the rising cost of medical care, it is only going to get more expensive to see the dentist, even for simple procedures like checkups and cleanings. If you break a tooth or get an infection, you will be glad to have dental coverage because you won't be left scrambling to come up with the money for your dental bill.

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