Pre-Paid Legal Services

Pre-paid legal service is similar to an insurance plan except that the benefits that you are going to get are in form of legal services. Like an insurance plan, you will have a monthly premium in exchange for the legal service. Pre-paid plans have varying contracts and overall fixed monthly payment, services include legal consultation and advice, it also includes memo writing on behalf of a client, drafting the will or other legal documents and review of contracts. Some plans would include court representation and filing of motions, however these services may require additional charges or simply cover limited number of court hours.

Pre-paid legal services are a great alternative for people who need legal service but do not have the means to pay for the significant amount of attorney’s fee. If you have been a victim of scam, or a fraud, or if you are filing for a lawsuit and are looking for a legal personnel who can give you legal advice, or you have a lawsuit filed against you, you can simply use your pre-paid legal services for these matters. In the case of the small businesses, having prepaid legal services is very beneficial as it would save you a lot of money and time.

Benefits of Prepaid Legal Services
There are a lot of advantages of getting pre-paid legal services which is why many people have thought of purchasing one, especially because of the economic recession, a lot of people are in debt and they need someone who can help them get proper legal assistance. Here are some benefits of pre-paid legal services:

1. They are cost effective.
For middle class families, hiring a legal personnel or an attorney can cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars which is a bit impractical for people who are working regular jobs. If you need a legal service, you would have to compromise your budget and/or your savings but if you have a pre-paid legal plan, you can have the service for as minimum as $9 per month and with a maximum payment of $30 for premium plans.

2. They are simple.
Lawyer’s fee is a complicated matter. There are different set of fees that a lawyer may charge you like the flat fees, contingency fee, hourly rate and statutory fee. If you do not understand how these fees are being computed, you might be shocked when you see your bills. While with pre-paid legal service, the process is very simple and easy for an average person to understand. You will have fixed monthly rate that covers for certain legal services, if you are in need of an additional service that is not included in your policy, you will have a separate bill indicating exactly how much you are being charged for and what the charges are for. The fees are furnished and without any complication.

3. It can save you money.
Pre-paid legal services insurance plans offers unlimited legal advice and consultation. This aspect is to save you a lot of trouble, money and time for future legal needs. In your day to day lives, you are likely to face some difficulties that would require you to get legal advice. People became hesitant to seek legal advice each time because of the fees that lawyers may charge you, but with pre-paid legal services, you can detect legal problems before they can even get to you thus, minimizing the chance of litigation.

For group employees, pre-paid legal services are very beneficial and don’t cost much. The great thing about this is that employees view this as an additional benefit and for a very low cost for that matter. For employers who offer this as an additional employee benefit, employees would be more encouraged to keep working for your company, considering that almost every household in the United States are in need of legal consultation, your employees would work hard to maintain this benefit. In this day and age, employee benefit is the primary basis of the employee to stay with the management, making it a really tempting offer to stay hired with your company permanently.

All in all, pre-paid legal service is a great option for both the individual and group employees, it is the best solution to your legal problem, you don’t need to pay high amount of money but will get the best legal advice that you might require without breaking the bank.

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