Phoenix Life Insurance Company

Phoenix Life insurance company has been providing life insurance products for more than 150 years. They are renowned for developing new life insurance products to meet the ever evolving consumer need. However, you will typically find that their products are very traditional and relatively straightforward, although they are also able to offer a variety of additional features.

Phoenix life insurance company have a wide range of life insurance products which include:

Permanent life insurance - these are life insurance products that will provide coverage for your entire life. They also offer the potential to accumulate tax-deferred cash as well as an income tax-free death benefit. Their permanent life insurance products include universal life insurance which offers flexible premiums and a flexible death benefit. You will also find that universal life insurance can provide accumulated tax-deferred cash.

An index universal life insurance policy will also offer flexible premiums, but will also have a choice of accumulated cash options and death benefit protection. This will allow a policyholder to choose whether they wish to allocate a certain fixed amount for the policy value, or indeed to index accounts. There is also variable universal life insurance which offers flexible premiums, flexible death benefit, and it combines the features of a universal life insurance policy with many additional investment choices.

You can choose to invest your money in a number of sub accounts that are managed by professional money managers. Finally, there is whole life insurance which will offer guaranteed fixed premium payments, guaranteed death benefits and a guarantee tax-deferred cash value. You will often find that whole life insurance policyholders may even be eligible for dividends as well.

Term life insurance - as the name suggests this will offer insurance protection for a specified period of time. Unfortunately, term life insurance will not accumulate a cash value, and this is typically reflected in the cost of your premium. However, you should be aware that if you outlive the specific term of this type of life insurance policy, you may find it extremely expensive to purchase a new policy at an older age.

In addition to the basic life insurance products, Phoenix life insurance company offer many new features which include:

Joint life insurance - this type of life insurance policy will provide a first to die coverage on two or more individuals. A death benefit will typically be paid on the first death of the individuals who are covered within the policy. This type of insurance policy is able to eliminate the need for many unnecessary forms of coverage for multiple individuals.

Joint life insurance may be particularly useful for a business in order to fund a buyout plan. This will ensure that a deceased partner's family has financial security, and also the business and its surviving partners can continue with the minimum of fuss.

Survivorship life insurance - this is also referred to a second to die life insurance, and will insure two lives, but will only pay a death benefit upon the second death. Many married couples will use survivorship life insurance in order to protect their families. You may also find certain survivorship life insurance policies will allow you to add an additional rider so that a benefit can also be paid at first death.

Phoenix Life insurance company is extremely experienced in helping people to use life insurance in order to secure the future of their families and companies. Many financial professionals will go directly to Phoenix Life insurance company and discuss implementing strategies for their clients with Phoenix's life insurance experts.

It must be said that Phoenix have a number of quality products, and amongst the permanent life insurance policies they offer a wide variety of death benefit protection, cash value accumulation, spousal coverage, and a number of features for any given needs. There have long history of producing innovative products that are extremely competitive in today's marketplace.

Phoenix Life insurance company are also very proud of their underwriting strength and they believe that their underwriting capabilities are amongst the strongest within the insurance industry. The vast majority of their medical underwriting team averages at least 12 years experience, and they also offer an extremely streamlined underwriting process in order to make applications as easy as possible, and indeed to ensure that decisions are made quickly.

In addition to their various life insurance products Phoenix Life insurance company also offer a number of annuities that can help to supplement your income in order to meet personal financial goals. They also have a number of alternative retirement solutions which are able to address any key retirement concerns you may have. Phoenix Life insurance company have an extremely informative website which allows you to read about and understand the many products that they offer. You can also have immediate access to your insurance products by becoming a member.

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