Petplan Pet Insurance

Petplan Insurance has been dedicated to providing insurance for your cherished friend (your pet) for over 30 years. Petplan Insurance is focused only on pets and specializes in this area. However, the good news is that they are part of the AGCS Marine Insurance Company (Allianz Insurance PLC) that is one of the largest insurers and part of the Allianz Global Group so there is no doubt that PetPlan Insurance is well backed up financially.

Petplan offers health insurance for dogs and cats, their coverage is available across the whole of the United States and they also have international affiliates in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Australia. Petplan offers an extensive choice of policies to suit all situations and all pockets. An additional advantage is that they will provide coverage even for purebred dogs and cats, a coverage that most pet insurance companies will not offer or they exclude paying for any treatment that can be tracked to the hereditary history of your pet. Petplan covers treatment needed for injuries or illnesses with lifetime policies. As per normal, it is important that you maintain and pay for your Petplan insurance for a continuous period and do not let it lapse or a payment claim may be declined if the condition suffered can be traced to the period when no Petplan insurance policy was active.

How Does Petplan Insurance Work?
It is a good idea to check all the policies that are available. The principal policy is coverage for life; there are many good reasons for going for this option as research results show that 30% to 40% of claims for insurance support come for chronic conditions that can last for over 12 months.

For dogs, the Petplan insurance is divided into 3 tiers that are Bronze, Silver and Gold. These offer a progressively increasing series of cover options and higher annual thresholds for maximum payouts by category. Bronze offers medical treatment coverage for injuries and illnesses. Silver adds additional coverage for boarding kennel fees if these are caused by your pet’s illness and hospitalization and you need to pay for a dog sitter or boarding kennels. In addition, advertising and reward costs are covered if your dog strays or is presumed stolen. Gold coverage provides compensation up to the value you paid for your pet in the case of death having needed to be put to sleep or for reasons caused by injury or illness. In addition, vacation cancellation compensation can be claimed for accommodation and unplanned travel in the event that you need to cut short or cancel a vacation because of injuries suffered by your pet or first signs and development of illness that means that you must head home immediately.

The policy for cats is structured in exactly the same way for dogs; it is possible to select the Coinsurance forfeit that you wish to pay personally for the total veterinary costs that will be incurred. You can select from 0% to 10% or 20% which applies if your pet has to receive treatment from a specialist vet to whom your pet will need to be referred to because of the nature of their condition. These conditions are extremely rare. In addition, you can select to pay the part of the overall veterinary costs, you can select from the amounts of $50, $100 or $200. These forfeits will be deducted from your claim and you will receive the details when you receive your claim payment. Petplan Insurance offers an online calculation tool so it is very easy to check what your choice of options will cost you and helps you to try out various scenarios.

Does Petplan Insurance Work for You?
Checking through various independent review sites, the answer is a resounding yes! Some of the principal plus points are the quality of information contained on the website and also from the phone call center, should you want to speak to an expert to get practical administrative or medical insurance. In addition, PetPlan Insurance offers training and advice for vets on how to work with Petplan. They even have video demonstrations and webinars on a weekly basis. In addition, policy holders are happy that in 95% or more insurance claims reflected, all of them are handled rapidly and without errors. Petplan provides good practical information about filing a claim so it is very easy to ensure that you get your claim right.

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