Parcel Insurance

Shipping insurance, also known as parcel insurance, protects the items you ship from loss or damage. The type of parcel insurance plan you choose will depend on the type of item you are shipping and your carrier of choice. There is a special type of insurance for Ebay shippers called ShipCover Insurance. Sellers are eligible for this type of coverage when they print a USPS label for their item via Ebay. With ShipCover insurance can be bought for as much as $1,000 per package or for the price the item sold for.

This parcel insurance plan can be purchased for most international packages and can be used for all the services offered by the USPS, such as Express Mail or Priority Mail, for example.  Claims can be filed for this service through your My Ebay page under Order details. This type of parcel insurance plan costs $1.23 per $100 of the item you need coverage for. It is advised that all Ebay sellers consider ShipCover to protect themselves against items that get lost or damaged on the way to the buyer, as the goal of all sellers is to maintain positive feedback from their customers.

Another way to get a parcel insurance plan is through a company such as PIP (which stands for parcel insurance plan.) This company specializes in insurance for business shipping. They are owned by the 7th largest brokerage in the world, Brown & Brown and have been for the past decade. Thousands of companies in every imaginable industry use PIP for their package insurance needs. Fireman's Fund is the underwriting company for PIP, and is one of the most renowned company of its type in the country, getting an A Excellent rating from A.M. Best.

Over 10 years ago, PIP designed software to meet customer needs for high technology computer based solutions. The ERIN 2000 application is used in conjunction with FedEx Ship Manager and UPS Online. This software is easy to install, use and maintain, and it costs nothing. You don't have to perform time-consuming calculations, the program does it for you. You can also get automated reports from a variety of different third party shipping company systems. In order to qualify for PIP services, you must spend a minimum of $1,000 on shipping insurance.

There are many other parcel insurance plan companies out there as well, you can find them easily by doing an online search engine query. This may be a good idea because then you can obtain multiple estimates from different companies to see which one meets your needs and your price range. There are parcel insurance plan options to suit both small businesses (even home businesses owned by one person) and large corporations. No matter what you are shipping, there is an insurance plan to protect your goods during transit.

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  1. Another great option for shipping insurance for eBay shippers: ShipSaver Insurance. It is available withing the "My eBay" portion of the ebay website. Visit for more details.