Nevada Car Insurance

Nevada car insurance is required by anyone who chooses to operate an automobile or truck in the state. You may be a new driver, held a Nevada drivers license for many years or just moved to the state; regardless of your situation, if you’re going to operate a motor vehicle you must have Nevada car insurance. Those moving to Nevada from another state may not use their out of state insurance as this is not accepted.

Nevada residents must have a Nevada Evidence of Insurance card as this verifies proof of insurance. The card must remain in your vehicle at all times. According to Nevada law, law enforcement officers may demand to see the Nevada Evidence of Insurance card upon request.

If you’re considering choosing Nevada car insurance your first step is to determine the minimum requirements by law and then decide how much insurance you can afford. The minimum requirements of Nevada liability insurance is $15,000/$30,000/$10,000. This means that bodily injury coverage or coverage for the death of one person must be at least $15,000. There must be a minimum coverage of $30,000 for destruction of property and a minimum of $10,000 to cover the injury or destruction of property to others in an accident. Nevada has several methods in place that routinely check to see if licensed drivers have the required amount of insurance.

When choosing Nevada car insurance you must make certain that you purchase insurance from one of Nevada’s licensed insurance carriers. You may verify the insurance company’s standing with the Nevada Insurance Alert agency or through the Sircon Compliance Express. Once you’ve determined that Nevada insurers are legitimate you’ll need to compare car insurance rates to find a policy that fits in with your budget.

The best way to find low cost Nevada car insurance rates are to compare them and choose the best priced policy plan that offers the coverage that you need. You can do this easily and efficiently by comparing car insurance rates online. You may also find that you qualify for various discounts so make certain to enquire with the insurance company regarding applicable discounts. Some insurance companies will offer discounts for students who maintain good grades, for clean driving records that are free of violations and tickets, or for staying with a company for several years. Taking certain driving classes may provide you with discounts as well so check into all options to determine whether there are any discounts you qualify for.

An important factor that will play a vital role in your Nevada car insurance rates is the type of vehicle you own; the year and make of the model; and how many miles it has. If you have an older car that seems as if a breakdown is in its near future then it’s likely your insurance rates will be higher. Those who have new vehicles may wish to purchase more insurance coverage than what the minimum provides to protect their investment.

Though the state of Nevada doesn’t require motorists to carry Uninsured/Underinsured UM/UIM, coverage it is recommended. This coverage will provide benefits if the insured is involved in an accident with a motorist who is uninsured. Additionally, Nevada is a Tort state which means that driver who is at fault is required to pay the medical expenses of the victims involved in the accident.

To ensure that all residents have Nevada car insurance the Department of Motor Vehicles established the Nevada LIVE system. LIVE stands for Liability Insurance Validation Electronically and the program is used to identify motorists who may have let their insurance policy lapse or simply haven’t purchased insurance coverage. The state continually seeks to find motorists without an active Nevada car insurance policy and identify them. When a motorist is discovered without insurance the Nevada LIVE program will attempt to contact them and have them verify their insurance coverage. If the motorist fails to respond or cannot verify that he or she has an active insurance policy they will receive a certified letter informing that their registration has been suspended. It can be costly to deal with reinstatement fees and the loss of a driver’s license. Purchase Nevada car insurance today to avoid future problems.

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