Networked Insurance Agents

If you are an insurance agent seeking a better way to gain clients, consider joining networked insurance agents. This gives you an efficient way to create new business via a regionally varied number of small volume agents. While it's true that an independent agent and their relationships with their local clients often lead to policy renewals, there are downsides such as the price of processing and management of policies. In some cases these expenses add up to more than the profit being made. And, these types of insurance companies are usually limited when it comes to which agencies they work with who can fulfill their minimum requirements for premium volume.

To serve as a bridge between preferred insurance companies and small volume agents, Networked Insurance Agents was created. They offer many services including the issuance and placement of policies, underwriting, marketing and more. The end result is more efficiency for the carrier as well as the insurance agent. Affiliates are drawn in by the lure of numerous carriers. The grouping of markets utilized by an affiliate permits the knowledge of the insurance agent and the monetary savings just two of the reasons to consider using Networked Insurance Agents. Insurance agents can stay in their local area while at the same time offering insurance companies community-centered, lucrative business in the insurance field.

This network offers easy and quick access to the best insurers, which also includes help with underwriting and marketing. You get access to excess, surplus and specialty lines via Western Networked Insurance Services, the sister company of Networked Insurance Agents. Other than surplus line fees, there are no fees for policies. Accounting assistance is provided, and brokers are able to stay independent and retain full ownership of their company. As a broker pulls in more clients there is an bonus incentive plan as well as attractive commissions. Education is key, which is why there are conventions and training programs happening on a steady basis.

You can rest assured the markets are stable, and you are sure to appreciate the retirement options offered via the Direct Access option. Firm financial backing and liquidity are two more advantages. And a discussion of Networked Insurance Agents is not complete without talking about technology. In today's globally connected business world, it is necessary to have top of the line technology to connect businesses, peers and clients. Here, you get state of the art automated solutions that make doing your job, and reaching a higher level of success, even easier.

In short, Networked Insurance Agents is a can't miss option for even the smallest independent insurance agent or broker. It is easy to fill out an affiliate application via their site, and also to log into your affiliate account. There you will find all kinds of helpful information and breaking news, as well as live chat if you need immediate assistance. If you would like to become an employee of this company, their site also has a section where employment opportunities are listed.

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