Medical Evacuation Insurance

If you are planning a trip abroad you will need travel insurance. There are different types of travel insurance, and you should look into them in detail before making a decision. In this case it is better to have more coverage than you think you need, than end up needing coverage you do not have. There are a variety of different coverage types, including medical evacuation insurance. This type of insurance covers you if you are ill or injured and must be evacuated to a medical facility. If this type of calamity occurs and you are not covered with this type of insurance, the costs for medical evacuation would most likely be astronomical.

You may not think that medical evacuation insurance is necessary, but it may be if you are planning on participating in any sports activities in remote locations. One example might be hiking or skiing. If you are in an accident and stuck somewhere you will need to be evacuated to a medical facility, either in the country where you are or even flown back to your home country. Medical evacuation insurance covers these costs so you are guaranteed to get to the necessary care facility for emergency medical treatment.

There are other types of travel insurance you might also want to have as part of your policy. Package policies are popular with many travelers because they are quite comprehensive in nature. These policies may cover medical, dental, lost luggage, trip delay or cancellation, accidental death or dismemberment, and even rental car coverage. This type of policy can be added to as needed, for example you can add medical evacuation insurance to a package policy. There are also special student policies for college students traveling abroad for their studies.

The cost of medical evacuation insurance will vary depending on a variety of different factors. And, of course the price will depend on other types of coverage you request as well. There are many insurance websites where you can get an instant online quote. These sites will request basic information about you such as name, address, contact information, age, and certain questions about your health. You will also be asked about your travel plans. These quotes are only estimates and in no way set in stone. However they can help you decide on an insurance company and an insurance package.

Once you've chosen the insurance company you want to go with as well as the policy type you want, you are ready to submit an official application. While this can be done online or over the phone, you will need to speak to an insurance agent who will be handling your account to verify the information on the account. This is a good time to ask any questions you may have. After this verification, your application will be sent to underwriting for analysis. The underwriting department will make a decision regarding approval or denial.

If denied, you will receive a notice in writing. If approved, you will also receive a notice as well as the price of your policy and how much your premiums are. You will also get all your insurance documents which is a fairly large package of papers that goes into detail on your policy. And, you will get proof of insurance cards to carry with you that has the contact information you need if you need to file a claim on medical evacuation insurance or any other type of insurance issue.

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