Massachusetts Car Insurance

Massachusetts is one of the states with mandatory car insurance laws, and if you’re one of the drivers out there that find that it’s a hard law to keep due to rising costs and lower wages; there’s hope for you yet. You’re probably going to be online anyway, most people are these days, so why not take a few minutes and check out low rate insurance plans in your area. TV commercials are yet another source; they are constantly bombarding you with cute little mascots, soldiers, clever little sayings or memorable phone numbers. Have a pad of paper by your favorite recliner, don’t spill your coffee on it, and jot down the numbers advertised on TV. Some companies will meet or beat other company’s rates. Make them prove it.

Don’t Over Insure
Massachusetts has the bare minimum requirements for car insurance. Unless you are concerned that what they require is not enough for you, stick with the bare minimum until you can afford a little more. Keep in mind that a higher deductible will lower your rates. You may end up paying it someday, so keep that in mind as well. The requirements Massachusetts has set up are as follows:

  1. A minimum of $5000 worth of coverage in Property Damage Liability (this covers any property damage that is a direct result of the accident).
  2. To protect against injuries or even, God forbid, death that is a direct result of the accident, you will need a minimum of $40,000 per accident and $20,000 per person (this is called Bodily Injury Liability and also helps protect against uninsured drivers).
  3. Finally, and I know this sounds like the one just discussed, you will need up to $8000 worth of protection for Personal Injury Coverage.

Other factors that can raise or lower insurance rates are your age, where you live, your driving record and the type of vehicle you drive. A No-Fault System is followed in Massachusetts, which simply means that your insurance will pay for claims involving injury no matter whose fault it was (there is a high limit); which is good for some, but for others it will interfere with lawsuits that are typically brought against drivers truly at fault.

Suggestions For Research
AARP and Triple A provide Massachusetts car insurance with affordable rates, along with fringe benefits for members. Going with a large company probably won’t guarantee you a low rate but it will stand a better chance of assuring you good, dependable service. Some of the smaller insurance companies (which, unfortunately, offer the lowest rates) are shoddily run and their integrity and dependability frequently come into question. If all you’re doing is buying a minimum insurance policy to make the powers that be happy, and you’re not worried about being able to trust in your policy; the little companies with little rates might be just fine for you. A few Massachusetts based insurance companies that you can check out are James and Finnegan Agency, Bridge Insurance Associates and Estabrook and Chamberlain Insurance. Of course the big names out there; State Farm, Allstate, Farmers, are good and dependable standbys. Keep in mind that ensuring with a local company assures you of having someone close by when you need them whereas an online company can sometimes be impersonal and hard to get a hold of.

How Do I Know What I’m Getting Into?
The best ways I have found for checking up on a company of any kind are; check with the Better Business Bureau, type in the name of the company on your computer along with the word ‘complaints’ and see what pops up, or ask around. Word of mouth is a powerful tool when it comes to affordable cost and reputation concerning any business.

When buying a car, remember that certain vehicles have been deemed ‘death traps’ by the department of transportation. These cars are going to be expensive to insure. Unless that specific car is what you really feel you need, you may want to consider a safer model. It can be as simple as a year or two difference in manufacturing. You wouldn’t just walk onto a car lot and grab the first car you see; why would you do that with insurance? With the condition of today’s economy, it is essential to shop around. I can’t stress that enough. These companies want your business and may be willing to make a deal. If not, move along; car insurance companies are a dime a dozen.

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