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Malpractice Insurance for Nurses

Anyone in the medical field typically needs some sort of liability protection. While most hospital systems or other employers offer a certain degree of nursing liability insurance, these policies are often not enough to cover incidents that happen when a nurse is off duty or those that happen on private duty. Malpractice insurance for nurses is important to help protect those in the medical industry from a number of claims and lawsuits. There are a number of factors that can make a nurse susceptible to lawsuits or negligence claims and liability protection against these claims can be very beneficial.

Malpractice insurance for nurses will normally cover claims for as much as one million dollars depending on the policy. There are a number of other benefits to having and maintaining malpractice coverage. Policies offer a level of personal protection for the nurse. If an incident were to happen outside of the premises of employment, malpractice insurance would protect the nurse from any claims arising from that incident. For instance, if a nurse were to help someone in an automobile accident on the road, outside of the hospital or other employer setting, and that person filed a claim for malpractice due to the treatment received then liability coverage would protect the nurse from that lawsuit. Many policies also offer a level of protection against libel, assault and slander that may arise from a nursing incident.

Malpractice insurance for nurses will provide protection for nurses from a variety of lawsuits as well as any actions that may be taken by the Board of Nurses. Any nurse, even the most highly skilled and experienced, can fall victim to claims of malpractice or negligence and this coverage will protect professional as well as personal aspects related to such a lawsuit. Again, there are a number of benefits to having this type of coverage for those in the medical profession. Insurance will offer protection for the career of each nurse who has it. If your employer offers malpractice or liability coverage it may still be necessary for you to obtain your own policy to ensure that you have a sufficient level of protection. You can also purchase a policy that will provide protection against licensing board hearing reimbursements, legal costs and attorney fees and loss of wages resulting from certain actions. Most policies will also provide insurance protection for when you are volunteering or working only part time.

Medical malpractice is defined as those instances when medical professionals fail to deliver reasonable levels of patient care. A high level of professional care is expected of all medical professionals today and while most physicians automatically purchase malpractice insurance, many nurses fail to see the advantages of maintaining a malpractice policy. Nurses in general have many different responsibilities from day to day and failing to properly perform these tasks leaves the nurse open to a number of lawsuits and negligence claims. Examples of such claims can include failing to monitor the progress of a patient properly, failure to properly monitor and record vital signs, errors in medication or certain medical procedures and even failing to properly document certain factors of the patient’s care.

When purchasing medical malpractice insurance coverage there are a number of things that should be considered. There are many different insurance companies that offer professional liability insurance. Taking the time to research a few different companies and policies will help to ensure that you get the specific coverage that you need and could also help you to find the lowest possible rate for this coverage. Be certain that you spend some time checking into the financial strength of the insurance company before you purchase a policy. It is important that the company have the funds available to cover certain costs associated with a malpractice suit. You should also understand the specific provisions of the policy that you purchase. Some may have a set number of claims that they will cover each year as well as a specified amount that will be paid for those claims. Again, take your time and look at several different companies and policies to be certain that you receive the malpractice coverage that best fits your specific needs.

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