Life Insurance Claims Lawyer

A life insurance claims lawyer helps people who have been denied the life insurance benefits after a loved one has died if they had such a policy. Life insurance claims are likely to be denied if the person dies during the contestability period. Life insurance policies are bought by people all the time to provide for a loved one in the event of the policy holders death. Life insurance policies are legal contracts that are between the life insurance company and the policy holder and as such are held accountable by the law. This is a convenient and easy way to provide surviving beneficiaries much needed financial support, especially if the bread winner of the family dies.

However, just because a life insurance policy is effect at the time of death, it doesn’t mean that the beneficiary will be automatically paid the benefit claim. Insurance companies are in business for the money and will do whatever they can to minimize their expenses, even if it means denying a claim if they think they find fraudulent statements on the life insurance application. A life insurance company will always look over the application to see if the claim is viable when a claim is submitted. If they find alleged misstatements they can base their claims for denial on it. These types of insurance policies typically have a two year “look back” period which is called the “contestability period.” Also, some life insurance companies are just not ethical either and if your loved one has a policy through one of them you may need to hire the services of a life insurance claims lawyer to get what is due you as the beneficiary.

If you have been denied a life insurance claim when your loved one has passed away you should contact a Life Insurance Claims lawyer for help. These are attorneys that have experience in life insurance law, terminology, applications, and practices and can help negotiate your claim with the life insurance company if you are due the benefits. If they can not get the life insurance company to pay the life insurance benefit legally owed to you the lawyer will file a lawsuit in court for you and be your representative when the case goes to trial.

When a person fills out a life insurance application the answers they give are reviewed during the application process. The answers given help the insurance company to determine the person’s eligibility for life insurance and the amounts they can apply for. Once the person is approved they then start paying payments for the life insurance policy. If they die during the contestability period the benefit may have to hire an attorney to help file a claim. There are different time periods in each state for contestability and your attorney will know all the laws regarding it. However, the life insurance company can legally investigate the claim to see if there have been any misrepresentations by the applicant.

A misrepresentation can be a flat out lie to distortions of the truth which would mislead the life insurance company to erroneously think the applicant was eligible for a policy. For instance, the applicant could have avoided disclosing the fact that they had a pre-existing medical condition that would bar them from being eligible. Also, the insurance company can look for a misrepresentation in renewal applications, policy amendment applications or in late enrollment applications. For instance the applicant can misrepresent their place of employment, their age, income, whether or not they are a smoker, alcohol usage or dangerous hobbies. If misrepresentations are found the life insurance company may be able to legally deny the claim. If you feel you need legal representation for a life insurance claim do not hesitate to call a Life Insurance Lawyer for help.

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