Inexpensive Health Insurance

There are altogether too many Americans who do not have any kind of health insurance plan whatsoever, and the numbers are so staggering that it causes one to wonder why many of them don’t avail themselves of some very good inexpensive health insurance plans on the market. The answer is quite simple really. Many people just don’t realize that there truly are affordable health insurance plans that can be found with a little bit of effort, a computer and online access. Before actually looking for inexpensive health insurance, however, it is probably a good idea to understand some factors that can affect the price of the plan you choose.

Group Discounts
Whether or not you have the option of carrying health insurance offered by an employer, there are other types of group policies available that provide group discounts. Sometimes members of fraternal or business organizations qualify for group health insurance if that organization has a group plan available to members. If not, it might be something to take up with the assembly as a good benefit to provide members with! Certain groups such as local boards of realtors come to mind when thinking of organizations that are likely to offer health insurance to their member brokers and agents working under those brokers. While not provided by the place of employment, the group discount still applies due to the sheer number of people on the group policy.

Eliminate Optional Coverages
Sometimes the price you pay for health insurance can be reduced by eliminating coverages that aren’t totally necessary. If you want to keep insurance as affordable as possible you should consider getting what is frequently referred to as a ‘bare bones’ policy with minimal coverage and a high deductible. Every one of those optional coverages increases the premiums by that much more. Some people, for this reason alone, seek inexpensive health insurance by purchasing a simple major medical policy that covers such things as in-hospital stays, visits to the emergency room and ambulance transport.

Pre-existing Conditions and Lifestyle
There are other factors to consider such as whether or not you fall into any one of the high-risk categories that would cause your premiums to rise accordingly. While age isn’t exactly a lifestyle choice we would willingly make, it is a factor in the price you are likely to pay for health insurance. Other factors that would affect health insurance premiums would be pre-existing conditions, obesity, smoking and drug or alcohol abuse. Any history of mental illness could also negatively affect premiums. While you could still get coverage with many pre-existing illness, diseases or conditions and pay higher premiums, any treatment related to those conditions wouldn’t be covered for a waiting period usually one to two years in duration.

How to Find Inexpensive Health Insurance
Actually, there are some pretty good plans out there that are both affordable and comprehensive. The best way to find them is through a health insurance broker online. You could always contact each company individually but it would take altogether too much time and effort. There are literally thousands of insurance companies and a broker would have access to instant rates from a great number of those at the same time. Online insurance brokers can provide immediate quotes which you can compare side by side to find the best plan at rates that make sense.

With so many options available, it is possible to get inexpensive health insurance. From major medical to more comprehensive HMOs and PPOs, there is a plan that has the coverages and premiums you need. It’s simply a matter of finding the plan that works for you. And finally, one last piece of advice. Consider paying your premiums quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Most insurance companies provide discounts when they can reduce their expenditure on administrative fees!

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