Individual Vision Insurance

Individual vision insurance is a type of health insurance policy that will entitle the beneficiary to certain eye care benefits. These benefits will typically include eye exams and other procedures, and they will usually also provide a discount on the purchase of any glasses and contact lenses. You may even find that certain individual vision insurance policies will offer discounts on refractive surgery, such as LASIC and PRK.

Eye examinations and prescription eyewear will often proved to be extremely expensive, and this may be of some concern to you. However, by purchasing an individual vision insurance policy you are able to cover a large percentage of these costs. You should also be aware that vision insurance will supplement a regular health insurance policy. The vast majority of regular health insurance plans are able to protect you against financial loss due to an unexpected eye disease or injury. Individual vision insurance, on the other hand, is a benefit that is specifically designed to reduce your overall costs for routine, preventative eye care.

Individual vision insurance can best be described as a value added benefit that is typically linked to indemnity health insurance, preferred provider organisations (PPO), or health maintenance organisations (HMO). The specific policies will have contracted various vision care networks to provide the required eye care services. Indemnity health insurance is one of the more traditional forms of health insurance that will allow you, the policyholder, to access a medical provider of your choice. An HMO will generally include a group of health care providers such as doctors, hospitals, and laboratories. This group of health care providers will provide care to their members at a discounted rate. A PPO will offer a network of health care providers who are able to offer their services at a fixed rate that is generally below normal retail prices. If you have a PPO vision insurance policy you are still able to access out of network providers, but this will usually cost you more money.

There are two main types of individual vision insurance plan, and these typically come in the form of a vision benefits package or a discount vision plan. A vision benefits package will provide you with free eye care services, and any eyewear if needed, within a fixed dollar amount. You will be required to pay over a membership fee or annual premium, and additionally a small co-pay whenever you use a service. A discount vision plan will, once again, provide eye care and eyewear services, but at a discounted rate once you have paid the membership fee or annual premium. You may occasionally find that a vision benefits package or discount vision plan will include a deductible. This will specifically be a fixed dollar amount that you are required to pay prior to your insurance benefits taking effect. The beauty of both these policies is that you are able to custom design a plan to meet your own individual requirements.

As mentioned, the most basic services that individual vision insurance will cover will include annual eye exams, eyeglass lenses, eyeglass frames, contact lenses, and affordable and discounted rates for both LASIK and PRK. You will also find that the vast majority of reputable vision insurance companies will include a quality assurance mechanism. This can be used to help you resolve any issues or disputes that you may have with a vision care provider in your specific plan's network.

The cost of individual vision insurance will vary depending on numerous factors. These will include how your particular program has been designed, and often the cost may be based on the state within which you reside. As with any form of insurance, it is always a good idea to shop around and view the benefits of several vision insurance providers. This will allow you to see what particular benefits are offered, and who is able to offer the most competitive premiums. The majority of individual vision insurance plans can be billed either monthly or annually.

One of the most popular individual vision insurance plans is the VSP vision care for life. This plan will typically offer co-pays off either $15 or $25 that will cover vision related examinations and surgical procedures. The features of the specific plan offer no deductibles, no waiting periods, an annual vision examination, a choice of network providers, a pair of single vision, lined bifocal or lined trifocal lenses every 12 months, no co-pay for contact lens care, $130 frame allowance once every 24 months, $130 allowance annually for contact lenses and contact lens examination, fitting and evaluation. There are even additional discounts and savings offered on glasses, sunglasses and laser vision correction.

Individual vision insurance is most often purchased by self-employed people, or by those who work for an employer who does not specifically offer a vision insurance plan. It is essential that you have your eyes checked on a regular basis, as numerous illnesses or ailments can be detected from a thorough eye examination. Unfortunately, you will typically find that the cost of a regular eye examination can prove to be extremely expensive. This is where vision insurance is able to offer the perfect solution.

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