Individual Health Insurance Coverage

There are several types of health care plans and one option is to choose individual health insurance coverage. Individual health insurance coverage is separate from group insurance which is provided through an organization or employer. Individual health insurance is insurance that is purchased on an individual basis. You may purchase individual health insurance coverage for yourself or family, however, these policies are often more expensive than choosing group coverage. Many people choose individual coverage because they do not qualify for group coverage. Those who are self employed often purchase individual coverage.

Before choosing individual health insurance coverage make certain that you get various quotes and determine your insurance needs. Making a list of your top five insurance needs before selecting a plan can help make your decision simpler. The majority of people in the United States get their health insurance through their employer or group insurance. Some others may receive their health insurance coverage through the government and are covered through individual health care plans.

You may find that qualifying for individual health insurance coverage is more difficult than qualifying for group insurance through your employer. You may find that losing weight if obese or overweight, beginning an exercise program if you aren’t already exercising regularly and quitting smoking can help you qualify for individual health insurance coverage and reduce premiums. Another area that must be addressed is that of preexisting conditions.

A preexisting condition is defined as a medical condition that an insurance company excludes from coverage. If an insurance company determines you previously had one of these conditions, you may find difficulty trying to get health insurance coverage. Those with preexisting conditions should get a number of different health care quotes to increase their chances of finding an insurance company that will provide coverage.

When choosing individual health insurance coverage you may be greatly concerned regarding the price of your plan. Check with your insurance agent to see whether or not you can bundle your insurance with other insurance plans. This may help you get a lower rate. You may also find that a good strategy is to only purchase the options that you need. Be careful, however, of not getting enough coverage in hopes of saving money.

Major illness is one of the leading causes of bankruptcy and though it may be tempting to go with the least amount of health insurance possible, you must consider what would happen in an emergency situation or a long term illness. Many choose to pay high deductibles in order to save on premiums; however they don’t realize how much out of pocket costs they’ll have should an emergency arise. By taking the time to carefully consider how much insurance you need, and how much you can safely afford to pay out of pocket beforehand you can prevent becoming another statistic and joining the ranks of those who are one medical condition away from financial disaster.

As health insurance rules are governed by state and federal law you should always check with your state’s insurance site if you have questions regarding the practices or policies of insurance agents. If you are having difficulty qualifying for individual health insurance coverage check with your state to determine what type of options are available. Each state sets their own rules and limits regarding health insurance and those with preexisting conditions who are having difficulty obtaining coverage may have other options available. Unfortunately, many of these options may cost more than individual health insurance coverage plans, but some coverage is always better than none. Those who have been deemed “uninsurable” may often find that they can access coverage from their state’s risk pools. If you have been classified as uninsurable check with your state’s insurance office for help getting covered.

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  1. As I am the business owner of Studio Shades and cannot afford to pay the skyrocketing fees of Medical insurance and while I am in the process of getting a colonoscopy and I do not have insurance to cover the astronomical fees; It would be a great help if AARP could offer a more affordable fee for medical/dental/eye insurance.