Humana Medical Insurance

Humana medical insurance is provided by Humana Inc. who are regarded as one of the largest health insurance providers in America. There were initially founded in 1961 by Wendell Cherry and David Jones when they opened a nursing home in Louisville, Kentucky. The company was originally known as Extendicare, and grew rapidly within a very short space of time. Extendicare was actually known to be the largest nursing home company throughout the United States. They bought their first hospital in 1968, and as this new line of business was so profitable they opened a further nine hospitals within the next two years. They eventually sold their nursing homes to concentrate solely on hospitals.

Humana offered their first medical insurance plans during the 1980s. They initially offered managed-care programs such as health maintenance organizations (HMOs) and preferred physician organizations (PPOs). They continued to grow in size, and as of this day they are the fourth largest provider of health plans in the United States. They currently cover in excess of 11 million people.

Humana offer various medical insurance policies which include:

Group health insurance

They are known to be one of the largest providers of group coverage, and this is considered to be a fairly lucrative source for them as approximately 60% of Americans get their health insurance through their employers. There are numerous options for employers to choose from such as HMOs, PPOs, high deductible plans, and also a Coverage First plan. Their Coverage First plan offers basic health care, as well as coverage for major injuries or illnesses. You will generally find that a group plan will also encompass health savings account (HSA), flexible spending account (FSA), and a personal care account (PSA).

Individual health insurance
Humana also offer various insurance plans to individuals. These include high deductible plans which will typically have lower premiums, and will also qualify for HSAs and PPOs. This type of insurance policy will additionally cover major injuries or illnesses, as well as preventative care. There is also the option of short-term insurance in many states which is specifically designed for those of you who may need insurance on a temporary basis. A prime example of this will be someone who is currently between jobs. There are numerous discount programs that will help provide coverage for other medical needs which include medication, acupuncture, vision services and chiropractic care.

Medicare supplemental insurance

Humana offer their own MedicareAdvantage plan, and it is estimated that up to 4 million Medicare members are currently enrolled with Humana. Their specific plan will provide additional benefits above the standard Medicare plan which include drug coverage and care outside of the United States. In addition to this they have prescription drug plans. They also offer Medicare supplement and Medigap plans which are specifically designed to fill the gaps that are typically found in traditional Medicare coverage. You will generally find that the plans that are offered and indeed the eligibility requirements will vary from state to state.

Military health care
Humana offer their own military health care plan, namely the Humana Military Healthcare Services (HMHS) subsidiary. They are also a managed care contractor for the Department of Defence Military Health System TRICARE. This form of coverage offers numerous plans to active duty military and their families. Not only do they provide health care for members who are on active duty, there are additionally programs available for members of the National Guard and Reserves. These health care plans are offered regardless of whether they are active or deactivated.

The Humana health insurance plans that are offered to individuals are sold under the name of HumanaOne. Their traditional health coverage will offer features like office visit copayments or 100% after deductible coverage. Their co-pay plans have many features that are similar to those offered in any employee sponsored plan, as they are able to include office visit copayments. These specific health plans will also have co-pays for illness and injury doctor's office visit. You will also find that prescription drug coverage is typically included in all plans with office visit copayments. Their 100% after deductible plans will pay 100% for most covered in network expenses once your deductible has been met. These specific plans will typically offer the widest choice of deductible options, and you will often find that these are compatible with a health savings account.

Humana offer numerous benefits if you are to become a member which include MyHumana mobile resources and provider comparison tools. The MyHumana mobile app can offer many personalized resources which will show your spending account balance, member information, and urgent facilities that are nearby. You are able to download the MyHumana mobile app from the iTunes Store for iPhones, iPod touch and iPad. You are also able to download the mobile app from the android store which is generally used for phones running Google's android operating system.

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