HTH Travel Insurance

When traveling abroad the cost of medical care can be extremely expensive because health insurance from one’s country of residence is typically not honored in another country. For this reason most travelers purchase travel insurance plans to defray the expensed incurred should medical care become necessary. HTH Worldwide Travel Insurance has coverage in at least 180 countries.

HTH Travel Medical Insurance
HTH Travel insurance has a group of physicians in more than 180 nations/regions around the world that allows members to see any of these doctors who participate in the plan. Plans provide members to actually see any one of those physicians and coverages include hospital care, office visits, surgery and even prescription drugs to name a few. There are a number of optional coverages which members can choose from including plans that cover gaps in the insured’s policy as well as standalone policies that don’t require any other insurance.

Plans for Single Trips
There are two basic plans available for travelers, one for people with existing health insurance and one that requires no additional health plan. HTH Travel Insurance plans for single trips include:

TravelGap Excursion – Requires a health plan.

  • Varying deductibles and medical limits
  • Ages up to 84
  • For trips under six months
  • Covers preexisting conditions for services and evacuation

TravelGap Voyager – Does not require a health plan

  • Varying deductibles and medical limits
  • Trips up to six months
  • Ages up to 74
  • Covers preexisting for medical evacuation only

This particular coverage, as states is for single trips only. For those travelers who travel frequently there are other types of plans that will better meet their needs.

HTH Travel Insurance Inside & Outside the United States
HTH Travel Insurance also has policies available for those travelers living inside and outside the United States. Global Citizen is a wonderful plan for such persons as crew members and missionaries who live part of the time in a foreign country and part of the time here at home. You can literally pick your own doctor anywhere around the globe and the deductible is waved for doctor visits. There are no waiting periods and transplants are the only services that would require precertification. Waiting periods for preexisting conditions are also waived. This particular plan can be used both at home as well as abroad while Global Citizen EXP is only to be used abroad. Global Citizen EXP can only be utilized by U.S. citizens who have an existing health plan and this particular policy allows members to trim up to 50% of coverage in the United States.

HTH Travel Insurance for Students
Of course any good travel insurance company would have coverage for students traveling and studying abroad and HTH has those policies. The three types of student policies are:

  • Global Student USA Preferred – International students studying in the U.S.
  • Global Student USA – International students studying in the U.S.
  • U. S. Students Abroad – U.S. students studying abroad

Coverage on these policies range from $100,000 to $250,000 depending on the plan and the amount of coverage specified when purchasing the insurance.

Traveling, working or studying in a foreign land can be stressful enough without the additional worry of not having enough medical insurance. HTH travel insurance has a plan for everyone whether they are traveling once or many times in the course of a lifetime. To find the plan that best suits your needs, take the time to thoroughly check out the options available so that you can travel abroad knowing that your health and welfare is covered by adequate travel insurance.

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