How Does a DUI Affect Insurance Rates?

Owning a driving a vehicle requires a lot of responsibility on the individual. Insurance is a must to be protected against a number of issues that can happen while driving. Drivers are expected to be responsible drivers, and drivers are rewarded with lower insurance rates on their automobile when abiding by the law. However, when drivers don’t abide by the law while driving, they will end up paying more for their automobile insurance. DUIs are no exception to this rule, and drivers who have one or more DUIs will be greatly affected when purchasing automobile insurance.

First off, obtaining an insurance quote is easily done online, and insurance companies use a person’s driving record in order to establish an accurate quote on automobile insurance. DUIs are reported on the driver’s record, which will be seen by the insurance company. The insurance company will then adjust the rate of the applicant’s insurance quote in order to protect against the risks that the driver imposes on the insurance company. Those who have a DUI on their driving record are considered a high risk driver. Drivers who are considered high risk drivers will end up paying more for the automobile insurance.

The same story goes for those who have simply received a speeding ticket. Any points on someone’s driving record will always result in a higher insurance premium. In some cases, certain insurance companies will not even offer insurance to someone who has a DUI on their driving record. Other insurance companies will charge a higher rate on automobile insurance when a DUI is found. Those who have a DUI on their record will be expected to pay more for their insurance, but they can go online to find out the best rates possible for automobile insurance.

One other factor that affects automobile insurance when a driver has a DUI is the state in which the driver is living. Some states will have laws that require the insurance company to charge a certain amount on those with DUIs. There is a document called the SR-22, which is a document that is required to be filled out by the applicant when they receive a DUI. The SR-22 is usually filed by the insurance company once the applicant fills out the document. This document will be used to prove that the driver has adequate insurance that the state requires for someone with a DUI.

Getting a DUI will always cause the driver’s insurance rate to go up. However, this amount is typically reasonable and only lasts a few years until the DUI is dropped from the driver’s record. During that time, the driver should expect to pay a higher premium on their automobile insurance. For several years the driver may also be required to fill out the SR-22 document to prove they have adequate insurance for the state they live in. There will be penalties and fees that the driver will be expected to pay as well when they are convicted of drunk driving.

A .08 blood and alcohol level is the limit in most states that a driver can drive without being convicted of drunk driving. Drivers over the legal limit will be charged with a DUI, and drivers who are at .15 or higher will have to pay more in fines and fees. Staying safe and following the rules while driving will help anyone get the lowest rate possible on automobile insurance. A DUI is one of the worst convictions to deal with that will greatly increase the driver’s insurance premium. Being a safe driver will come with rewards, while driving drunk will come with penalties.

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