Horace Mann Insurance

Horace Mann Insurance is one of the leading insurance companies in the United States. This company has been serving consumers (mainly educators) throughout America. Horace Mann Insurance carries different lines of insurance policies, like the private passenger automobile insurance, covering both collision coverage and comprehensive coverage. They offer property insurance as well as individual life insurance policies that cover the conventional term and flexible life insurance policies. On top of all these, Horace Mann Insurance also offers tax qualified annuity insurance and insurance services for group life and disability to school university employees.

Horace Mann Insurance operates all over the United State but they are predominant in California, Minnesota, Illinois, Texas and North Carolina. A distinct feature is that Horace Mann has about 4.5 million insured parties from educational sectors including school administrators, office workers, and teachers. The great thing about Horace Mann Insurance is that they support educators who nonetheless are earning just about enough for their day to day living and are yearning for assurance and conservative savings. Horace Mann's insurance products are listed below.

Auto Insurance
Many know that auto insurance is very complicated to understand. Auto insurance is anything that covers for all type of vehicles, bikes, cars, trucks, etc. This type of insurance does not just cover for medical costs and expenses but also covers accidents that result from theft, vandalism, and any freak damage to your vehicle. Auto insurance varies slightly in coverage but they are pretty much the same in concept, auto insurance would cover you from financial ruin in case you are engaged in any form of traffic accidents.

Life Insurance
Life insurance, on the other hand, will protect your loved ones in case an unfortunate event happens to you. This is beneficial to those working in high risk nature like firemen, military and construction workers. You may be surprised that life insurance is the least sought after insurance of all because who would want to discuss their death formally as that, right? But it remains a fact that life insurance would help your family if something undesirable in the worst sense happens to you. If you are the breadwinner of the family and you’ve suddenly died, your family would not just be mourning for the loss but they will also have to replace your income not having any idea as to how. If you can protect them even after death, then why not?

College Savings Plans
College education is one of the best things that you can give your child; however, because of the continued inflation in college tuition, some students simply cannot pursue their studies. If you want to send your children to college and give them a bright future, saving the money and purchasing a college savings plan while they are younger will be your best bet.

Property Insurance
Property insurance is best for folks who own businesses and have valuable properties. Accidents happen when you least expect it but property insurance can protect you from devastating events such as fire, theft, explosion, vandalism, etc. The great thing about property insurance offered by Horace Mann Insurance Company is that they are tailored fit for any business type. You may ask for additional coverage in cases wherein your property may be damaged by the snow or lightning. Businesses on the west coast may want to protect their properties from earthquake. Any peril that you think that would cost you and your business must be protected and property insurance is the best protection that you can get.

Long Term Care Insurance
Horace Mann insurance company is offering long term care insurance for people who are near retirement age, although there are some who purchase this insurance way before they need to. Long term care insurance is a type of insurance that goes beyond what medical insurance would cover. Coverage would include in-home nursing, assisted living, adult day care, etc. This type of insurance will ensure that once you’ve reach an old age and is in need of assistance to bathe, eat, exercise and do other activities, you wouldn’t have to face these tedious (yes, they will become tedious by then!) tasks alone.

Disability Insurance
Although private and public employment have disability insurance coverage, chances are you are not fully covered. If your work nature is risky, then you should consider getting yourself a disability insurance policy. For a few additional dollars that you shed off each month for the premium, you will have confidence that in cases wherein you wouldn’t be able to work, that there is a supporting fund that would keep your household afloat.

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