Homeowners Insurance Leads

Homeowners insurance, or HOI as it is commonly abbreviated, is something every home owner needs to keep their property secure. There are different levels of insurance coverage which become more comprehensive as they go up, as well as special policies for condominium owners and owners of other types of residential property. The problem is not the lack of homeowners seeking insurance, however for many brokers and agents there is a problem locating homeowners insurance leads. There is competition in the industry insurance companies of all sizes. However, there are ways even small companies can track down potential customers.

The Internet is a useful tool when it comes to researching leads. There are lead brokers who exist online that sell different packages in different categories. For example, there may be an insurance lead broker who collects targeted leads for different types of insurance, including homeowners. Many companies of this type offer a variety of packages to meet different marketing needs. For example, if you want to reach online customers, there are email campaign packages. If you are looking to find customers locally, you might purchase names, telephone numbers and street addresses for telephone and mail campaigns.

Some companies not only provide the leads, but run the campaign for you. You produce the ad, and they broadcast it to the list you have purchased. This can save you time, and in some cases money, because releasing a marketing campaign can be time-consuming. When going through the entire process, there are some key points. Number one, choose a company who offers leads who have already expressed interest in purchasing homeowners insurance, i.e. targeted leads.

When you present what you have to offer to people who are already interested in buying homeowners insurance, you have a higher possibility of conversion. This means converting potential customers into paying customers. Examples of targeted homeowners insurance leads include people who are interested in purchasing a home, or have recently done so. People selling their home may also be potential leads because they may have a change in residential status and have interest in a new homeowners insurance policy.

Many people respond well to free quote offers. Everyone likes something for free, and a free quote can tell potential homeowners how much their insurance would be. They can see different policies and how much one would cost based on their information which would include details about their home such as its value and size. While an actual price cannot be determined until an official application has gone through the underwriting process, a quote can be a close estimate to give people a general idea of what they can expect to pay, a key factor when shopping for an insurance company.

After a customer has filled out an official application, they will be contacted by an insurance agent to go over the information they have submitted. From there, if all information is deemed correct, the application will go through underwriting, which is the department who handles approval and denial of policies. At this point, your client will be notified whether or not they are approved for coverage. By using targeted homeowners insurance leads, you are likely to get more clients who are actually submitting applications and less who are simply shopping around but are not ready to buy.

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