Hartford Insurance Company

Hartford's insurance company is a division of the Hartford Financial Services Group, a company that is one of the largest full service, financial services company in the world. A member of the well known Fortune 100 list, the business commonly referred to solely as “The Hartford” brings in nearly $25 billion a year in annual revenues, most of which are derived directly from property protection and liability insurances.

The company prides itself on its storied past, having existed for nearly as long as the United States itself. The Hartford Financial Services Group was established more than two centuries ago when a group of investors founded a local fire insurance company in Hartford Connecticut. As time went on, the company expanded, offering a number of new insurance contracts and surviving such disasters as the Great Chicago Fire and the historic earthquake and resulting fire in San Francisco at the turn of the twentieth century. A number of well known historically important people and businesses even owned Hartford's insurance policies. Abraham Lincoln was perhaps the best well known Hartford client.

Like most modern insurance companies, the Hartford went full circle, offering automotive, health, general liability, natural disaster and accident insurance to business and personal clients. Also involved in the Hartford Financial Services Group is a whole arm dedicated to financial planning which sells products such as life insurance and retirement mutual funds. The company also operates internationally in developed markets in the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, and Brazil.

Hartford Insurance for Individuals
Hartford's most popular insurance products are for individuals including automotive insurance (Recreational Vehicles too!) and homeowners insurance, and through its financial services arm, whole life and term life insurance products and retirement planning services.

Hartford offers custom automotive insurance plans, allowing buyers to purchase coverage ranging from the complex (full million dollar protections) to the very simple, state minimum coverage. Also, the Hartford has arranged a partnership with the American Association of Retired People which allows for custom insurance quotes and discounts for AARP members.

The company also offers homeowners insurance including property damage protection, home contents, renters, and condominium insurance products. These products are also sold with a full collection of riders including dwelling, other structures, personal property, loss of use, liability, and medical payments coverage which can be attached to any policy. These additions allow for highly personalized insurance policies without additional policy drafts or the risk of costly gaps in coverage between multiple insurance companies. To round it all up, the the Hartford Insurance Company also offers umbrella policies designed to protected against all liability, damages, and other costs associated from legitimate and frivolous claims, lawsuits, and liability.

Since the Hartford is a full service financial company, it has one of the largest offerings for life insurance. Beyond basic term life within which a term and payout is the only variable, the Hartford sells whole life policies including exotic policies such as variable, universal, and indexed whole life insurance. These options allow for flexibility in your long term financial plan, as well as the ability to make money with a whole life policy indexed to the performance of the financial markets.

All in all, the Hartford is more of an all-inclusive financial services operation than an insurance company. With so many options, products, and a wide range of financial services selections, it is possible to protect your house, cars, life, health, with one insurance company. Plus, with the financial services arm, you can plan for retirement, save for anticipated college expenses, and build a financial plan that works with your insurance needs and vice versa.

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