Hanover Insurance

There are many reasons to consider the Hanover Insurance Group for your coverage needs. First of all, this company has a variety of insurance solutions for different situations. They offer both business and personal insurance coverage. This company prides itself on being your total personal insurance solution, because of the wide range of coverage offered. Within the category of personal insurance, you can get policies for your home, vehicle, valuables, identity -- even umbrella policies and policies for recreational vehicles, what you might call toys for adults. These include RVs, dune buggies, snowmobiles, classic cars, antique vehicles, golf carts, watercraft and more.

When it comes to business insurance, Hanover Insurance offers a variety of different policy types to suit every need. They have small business insurance that covers more than 250 categories. These might include retail stores, rental properties, offices, wholesalers, professional practices and much, much more. No matter what your business is, or how big it is, Hanover has likely got the best policy for you. There are also midsize-business policies which are tailored to meet the needs of those businesses that fall somewhere in between small and large.

There are policies for commercial vehicles used for business, an area that cannot be overlooked regardless of what kind of business you are operating. There are inland marine policies, that protect against property damage to accounts receivable, various documents, computer equipment and other electronic business equipment. There are specialized plans for certain businesses like boat dealers and marina owners, jewelers and more. Workers compensation plans are also available for all size businesses.

Hanover Insurance also has plans such as Management and Professional Liability plans. These include plans for nonprofit organizations, fidelity and crime, lawyers, architects and engineers and more. Speak with an agent today if you have questions about any of the insurance policies or plans offered by this time-trusted company. You can even get quoted over the phone or online. This is an easy way to get a rough estimate as to how much a certain plan is going to cost you.

Whether you are looking for personal insurance or business coverage, Hanover Insurance has what you need. Their agents are knowledgeable, friendly and ready to match you up with the ideal insurance policy for you. There may be an office near you, in which case you may choose to meet in person with an agent. This is probably your best bet if you are not sure about the type of insurance you need or how much coverage you need. If there is no office in your area, you can apply online and/or over the phone and go over your application over the phone with a Hanover Insurance agent.

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