Guardian Whole Life Insurance

A Guardian whole life insurance policy provides a policy holder a lifetime of insurance benefits as well as a number of tax benefits. In addition, they provide various guarantees that can either be realized in the form of values or rates. When a whole insurance life policy is created the actuaries start by determining the rates which can be guaranteed based on market rates. Once these rates have been set forth they will be used to figure out the values as well as the premiums for each policy. Guaranteed rates and values are usually figured using very conservative estimates. At this time Guardian will adjust the rates as well as the values to fit the current circumstances through the application of a non-guaranteed dividend. Because society views life insurance as a benefit to society as a whole there are usually very nice tax benefits associated with these polices that are typically not seen through different financial agencies.

Protecting the Value of Human Life
While it is impossible to put a price tag on a human life, Guardian recognizes the need to help families get through their time of need with a comprehensive life insurance policy that will pay for medical costs, funeral costs as well as the debt left by the loved one who was lost. In a situation where the sole income provider is killed suddenly or dies of an illness the family members of that individual will be left with no source of income. Guardian's whole life insurance policy works by ensuring that the family will be cared for in the event of the policy holder’s death. Because Guardian is such a trusted name in life insurance a family does not need to worry themselves when it comes time to file a claim as the customer service at Guardian is excellent and there is always someone there to speak to bereaved family members about benefits.

Life Insurance is Imperative
Most people take for granted what may happen should the die suddenly and leave their families alone to fend for themselves. It is peculiar because people do not seem to hesitate when it comes to insuring things like their homes, cars and valuables. However, when it comes to insuring something as important as their life and the livelihood of their families they often slack significantly. The worst part about people who do not feel the need to carry life insurance is that nine times out of ten they can afford to have it. Life insurance is not as expensive as many people believe it is, especially for younger people who are in good health. Sometimes the cost is as low as just giving up a couple of trips to your favorite sushi restaurant a month. There is no reasonable excuse for a provider of a household not to prepare for the future by having life insurance.

There are many benefits a family receives when a loved one who carried a Guardian whole life insurance policy passes away. A whole life insurance policy will take care of things like the mortgage payment on a home, the fees and tuitions involved in educating one or more of the children as well as provide income with which the family can live on after the sole income provider has passed away. In addition, when a person dies they often leave a series of bills and debts behind them. If there is a surviving spouse then he/she would win up responsible for those debts and bills. A whole life insurance policy through Guardian would protect them from this occurrence.

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