Guardian Disability Insurance

Did you know that over thirty-six million Americans are disabled in some form? That's well over ten percent of the population as a whole, all living their lives with some type of disability. There's an assortment of assumptions about disability, particularly amongst those that aren't disabled. An average, working person rarely considers the possibility that they may in fact be disabled one day.

That possibility is greater than many people believe it to be. According to survey data from the American Council for Disability Awareness, almost one in five twenty-year-olds will deal with a disability before the age of sixty-five. That's an alarming amount – an estimated twenty percent – and it's one that's continually backed up by injury and illness study findings on disabled people.

For most people, the amount of time that's spent considering whether they could be one of those disabled people is minimal. In fact, for most of us, it's trivial. But despite the lack of attention on our part, disability is a very real, very debilitating truth of life. Many disabled people can't find a suitable job, despite their best efforts, and lack even a basic source of income in their lives.

In fact, ask a selection of disabled people what most irritates them about their disability, and you won't hear about their limited physical potential, but their frustration about not being able to work. Disabilities can drastically cut down on your available opportunities, making it impossible to keep your life on the right financial track without assistance from either a private or public source.

For this reason, it's very wise for today's professionals – and budding professionals, for that matter – to protect themselves against the possibility that they, like many other people, may become disabled at some point in their lives. With Guardian Disability Insurance, it's possible to reinforce yourself from the very real possibility that you may one day be rendered unable to work due to a disability.

Guardian is a leading brokerage for health and disability-related insurance services – one of the largest of its kind. Dealing with tens of thousands of customers annually and focusing on quite a slim variety of services, it's regarded as one of the most specialized brokerages of its type, and as one of the leading commercial resources for people interested in obtaining disability insurance.

With a wide range of disability-related services under their wing, it's very possible to purchase a tailored and custom-built disability insurance policy through Guardian. However, before buying any disability insurance policy, it's worth doing some quick research to check if you're already covered by a disability insurance program through your employer.

Many employer-backed health insurance plans include a limited payout for disabilities caused at the workplace, or even disabilities that happen outside of work yet affect your performance there. These can range from useful, protective policies to low-value coverage, so it's important to check with HR before assuming you're covered. Even if your employer does cover you, it's often worth purchasing additional insurance for peace of mind and greater protection.

The cost of purchasing Guardian disability insurance can vary dramatically, just like life insurance and other personal insurance services can. Your profession can have a huge effect on the pricing of your disability insurance policy. High-risk professions such as construction and mining command a significantly higher annual rate than low-risk office workplaces and white-collar professional jobs.

Likewise, the amount of money that you earn in your current job will affect the amount that you're required to pay into disability insurance, provided you wish to claim coverage based on the amount that you earn now. The higher your income, the higher you're going to want to claim with disability insurance. This leads to significantly higher premiums for high-value disability coverage.

However, there's an inverse pricing apex that occurs the higher your income becomes. As most high earners are working in management positions – positions that are largely limited to office buildings, business parks, and other low-risk areas, they often receive relatively lower premiums than people with a lower income. This is especially true for independent business owners and freelancers.

Now, with so many disability benefits available from the government, it's tempting to think that an extra service like disability insurance is unnecessary. As with many other assumptions, this just isn't true. Of the thirty-something million disabled Americans, only eight million are able to claim some form of income assistance from the government, making disability insurance an essential service.

Despite the morbid suggestion that you may one day become disabled which is carried by most disability insurance providers, Guardian disability remains an important and value service. As a leading company in its field, Guardian is able to offer rates that are rarely matched, alongside an immense focus on service that few, if any, other insurance providers are able to compete with.

Protect yourself, protect your family, and protect and stabilize your income in the even of a major injury or debilitating accident. Guardian disability insurance is competitively priced and available for all professional Americans. While there's only a limited risk of you ever becoming disabled, it's a risk that deserves to be taken seriously. Make it a zero-risk situation with Guardian on your side.

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