GEICO Motorcycle Insurance

GEICO is one of the nation’s leading insurance companies with some of the most competitive prices on premiums around. For this reason it comes as no surprise that they offer an affordable and comprehensive motorcycle insurance policy. Whether a person rides a motorcycle for sport or on a regular basis he/she will be required by law to carry insurance for his/her motorcycle. There are also a number of motorbikes that fall into the category of motorcycles and GEICO covers most of them.

Who Needs Motorcycle Insurance?
This requirement will change depending on the state you live in but generally speaking, anyone who operates a motorcycle on public roadways must be insured. Some states may require a different amount and type of coverage but every state will have a specified amount of coverage that is required by the state’s insurance rules and regulations. In addition, those who are not necessarily required to have motorcycle insurance such as those who ride dirt bikes should also have insurance policies. Let’s face it, people do not typically start their day with having a motorcycle accident on their list of priorities but things happen all the time. This is why it is best to be prepared with a good policy so that you can recover your losses should you total your beloved motorcycle or cause damage or injury to another person or vehicle. Some of the following situations and items are covered under GEICO’s Motorcycle Insurance policy.

Bodily Injury
This is very important as having a motorcycle accident could easily result in the injury or even death of another individual. Without a good deal of liability insurance coverage the driver of the motorcycle could be held personally responsible for all medical costs as well as any law suits that may be filed by family members. GEICO liability insurance will also help to provide legal defense should someone else file suit against the policy holder over a matter of personal injury.

GEICOs collision and comprehensive motorcycle policy will cover any of the accessories that you have on your bike, whether they were factory installed or customized. This includes sound systems, CB radios, backseats, saddle bags, chrome pieces and even the rider’s helmet. This coverage is great because under normal circumstances add ons or custom pieces would not be covered in the compensation check or replacement value of the bike.

Collision and Comprehensive Physical Damage
Collision covers any damage that occurs as a result of an accident in which the policy holder’s motorcycle is hot or hits another vehicle causing body damage, whether a total loss or partial loss. Comprehensive physical damage covers everything else that could occur from vandalism to weather damage. This offers the motorcycle owner peace of mind in knowing that he/she is covered in just about any circumstance provided the policy is kept current.

Property Damage Liability
This insures the motorcyclist for any damages that may occur to another person’s property in the event of an accident. It also provides the rider with legal defense in situations where the other party files a law suit. This will help to cover any of the costs involved in an accident whether it was the policy holder’s fault or not offering peace of mind in knowing that the policy holder will not be held responsible for damages in the event that something like this should happen.

Riding a motorcycle is a big responsibility as it can be very dangerous when riding on the open road. For this reason it is responsible and intelligent for a person to be sure that he/she is covered by a policy as comprehensive as GEICOs motorcycle insurance. No one wants to think about the worst that could happen but it is always wise to be prepared for it anyway.

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