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Florida No-Fault Insurance

The state of Florida has specific guidelines and requirements when it comes to car insurance. As with any state, Florida requires drivers to carry a certain amount of car insurance. Florida is what is considered a "No Fault" state and basically what that means is that it kicks in where uninsured motorist protection is applicable in other states. Most often you will file under your insurance company, not matter who is at fault and your insurance company will deal with all other providers to recuperate any monies due them. There are specific minimum coverages required under the Florida No-Fault insurance law.

Minimum Car Insurance Requirements for Florida
As of the current year Florida requires drivers to carry a minimum of $10,000 in PIP (Personal Injury Protection) as well as $10,000 in PDL (Property Damage Liability). Of course this does not mean that you cannot carry a higher amount of coverage if that is what you choose to do. These are just the guidelines imposed by the state of Florida. This means that if you only carry the minimum requirements you may find yourself in a bind should an accident occur. This is the main reason that most people choose to carry more protection than what the law states they should. If you have a $75,000 car you would be wise to be sure you have enough protection for that car.

PIP (Personal Injury Protection)
The best part of having a Florida no fault policy is that Personal Injury Protection or PIP insurance covers anyone who is riding in your vehicle who may become injured during an accident. This is true whether the accident is your fault or the fault of the other driver. In some states this is not the case and PIP is virtually non-existent. Florida being a "No Fault" state means that it does not matter by law which driver was at fault, the PIP coverage will take care of the medical bills of those hurt according to the amount of coverage the policy owner purchases. In addition, your PIP policy will cover you even if you are driving another person's vehicle and an accident occurs.

Other Benefits of a PIP Insurance Policy
Another great thing about Florida PIP is that it even covers your children when they are riding on a school bus or anyone who lives in your household who happens to be struck by a car when crossing the street.  In addition, this policy might even provide coverage for anyone in your household who is involved in an accident while riding in a vehicle that is not owned by you. Of course there is always fine print that must be read on every policy and it is always a good idea to be sure you read all of it before opting for a specific insurance policy.

PDL (Property Damage Liability)
The other type of coverage that is required under Florida law is called PDL or Property Damage Liability. The amount that is required by law is $10,000 but when you think about it there probably are not very many vehicles on the road that are worth less than that amount. For this reason it would behoove a car owner to purchase a higher amount of PDL to be sure that if anything were to happen the vehicles would be covered. Not only does PDL cover the cars involved in the accident but it also covers and private or government property that may be damaged such as homes, street signs, retaining walls, mail boxes and all sorts of other things.

While there are minimum requirements in each and every state, they are often much lower than what would probably be paid out if an actual accident occurred. If you think about $10,000 in relation to hospital bills for an accident that involved three different people it would be clear that this amount would not even touch the medical bills associated.

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