Farmers Insurance Agents

If you are looking to buy insurance of almost any kind, one of Farmers insurance agents in any one of 41 states across the country could sit down with you to talk about your needs. As the third largest insurance company for personal lines which would include automobile, motorcycle, home, life, recreational and financial insurance products, there is more than likely to be a policy to meet your needs. Most recently 21st Century Automobile Insurance has been acquired by the Farmers Group so there is a well rounded line of products. Farmers insurance was founded more than 80 years ago and has been providing quality products since the very beginning.

Where to Find Farmers Insurance Agents
When you are looking to sit down with a Farmers insurance agent to discuss your insurance needs, the simplest way to locate an agent near you is to visit the website and plug in your zip code. A number of agents in your area should be listed so that you can find one that is closest to your home or place of employment. Although there are roughly 20,000 people employed by Farmers and 15 million plus customers, Farmers agents only operate in 41 of 50 states. If there is not an agent in your area, but Farmers is available in your state then it would be possible to find an online agent who could contact you to help you choose appropriate coverage.

What Farmers Agents Have to Offer

One of the benefits that you will receive from working with Farmers insurance agents is something called “Farmers Friendly Review.” The intent of the review is to service the needs of their consumers, knowing that life is fluid and changes occur almost on a daily basis. Your insurance needs today may change drastically within the course of a year and your Farmers Insurance agents are there to discuss better plans and policies for your particular needs as they change over time. This is a service that is unique to Farmers.

Farmers Insurance Products
If you are looking for affordable insurance, one of the things you might discuss with your agent is whether or not Farmers provides discounts to policyholders who carry more than one type of insurance policy. While automobile, automobile collectible and motorcycle insurance policies are fairly self explanatory, there are a number of other products you could get quotes on as well. For instance home, life, recreational and financial insurance products would have various options as follows:

  • Home
    • Homeowner
    • Condo
    • Renter
    • Mobile Home
    • Specialty Home
  • Life
    • Term Life
    • Whole Life
    • Universal Life
    • Annuities
  • Recreational
    • Boat
    • ATV
    • RV / Motorhome
    • Travel Trailer
  • Financial

By speaking with authorized Farmers Insurance agents, whether independent or directly employed by the company, you will be better able to determine which products will provide the protection you need to guard against loss.

Because Farmers insurance has been in business since early on in the last century, the company has a long history of servicing the insurance needs through a broad scope of products. Rounding out at number three in the top five insurance companies in the United States you know the products they offer are backed by a solid financial institution that can honor claims while providing sound advice for more than 15 million customers nationwide. To find Farmers Insurance agents near you simply enter your zip code in the search box and you will have your choice of agents in a location that is convenient. (Unfortunately there are still nine states where Farmers Insurance is not available.)

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