Family Dental Plans

A family dental plan will typically cover the costs that are associated with dental care treatment. These specific costs may come in the form of bills that are charged by dentists, hospitals, or another dental care provider. Dental care in general is known to be extremely expensive and therefore a family dental plan is able to protect you and your family from any financial burden that may be caused by these high expenses.

Statistics produced by the American Dental Association have revealed that in excess of 50% of families in the United States do not have any form of dental insurance coverage. However, it is regarded as extremely sensible to cover your whole family against the expenses that are typically associated with dental care. Family dental plans are known to be able to save you up to 60% on all your dental care needs. Prices will typically start from $79.95 per year, and this will provide cover for you and your family.

Family dental plans are known to be a great way to save money and they will generally have no waiting periods and can be activated in under 72 hours, there will be no health restrictions such as pre-existing conditions that are generally not covered under other health insurance policies. Many dental plans will have no annual limits or any paperwork to file. The savings you will make on your dental care needs will range from 10% up to a maximum of 60% and this will include teeth cleanings, braces, cosmetic dentistry, etc.

The vast majority of family dental plans are able to offer you access to thousands of dentists, and in excess of 370 dental procedures. You also have the ability to choose your own dentist, and this is usually without any limitations on how much money you are able to save or how often you wish to visit the dentist. The specific insurance plans will also provide a support system that is able to guide you in the event of a dispute or problem.

Possibly the greatest advantage of owning a family dental plan is that you are not limited to the amount of dental work you require. You will generally find that dental insurance policies will impose an annual dollar limit for the work that you are able to have carried out. This is often limited to $1000, and any additional work would need to be paid as an out-of-pocket expense. However, this is not the case with a family dental plan. You will find that family dental plans will start as low as $130 a year, whereas dental insurance can cost you well in excess of $1000 per year. You will also find that cosmetic dental procedures such as teeth whitening and veneers are covered under the vast majority of family dental plans, although this type of work is generally excluded with a basic dental insurance policy.

You should be aware that dental plans are not actually an insurance policy and they usually work very much like a club membership. The cost of your membership, or premium, will offer you a substantial discount on any services that you buy. The main benefits of a family discount plan are that it is extremely affordable, offers a wide range of services, and has immediate coverage. However, there is a greater financial risk and responsibility on your part. It is important to realize that no procedure is completely covered. Therefore, if you do undergo an expensive dental procedure, this may mean a substantial out-of-pocket expense for you. This will also mean that even an extremely low-cost service such as teeth cleaning will still involve you paying part of the cost.

The following should give you an idea of some of the savings that you can make with a family dental plan - a comprehensive oral evaluation will generally cost $62, although under a family dental plan a member will only pay $16. A complete series of x-rays will typically cost $93, but your membership will mean that you need to merely pay $39. Both adult cleaning and child cleaning will cost $21 should you have a family dental plan, and these will usually cost $67 and $48 respectively.

A family dental plan is considered to be a great alternative to dental insurance, and will offer your family the dental care they need without you having to worry about breaking your budget. It is believed that a dental plan may save your family an average of $1200 a year. As with any type of insurance or healthcare plan you will find that premiums will vary from company to company. It is, therefore, extremely important that you shop around to find the most appropriate type of cover for you and your family. The easiest way to get a quote for a family dental plan will be online. There are numerous websites that are able to offer free quotes on both dental insurance and family dental plans.

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