Encompass Insurance

Encompass is actually an insurance company that works using the traditional model, you could also call them an insurance broker but more than that, they offer a traditional service with local representatives and agents. In fact, there are over 3,200 of them who are more rather than less well trained to respond to and understand your needs. All market research shows that they satisfy their clients more than dissatisfy, would they be good for you? It’s easy to do a quick research to match your profile with their services.

The advantages of Encompass Insurance
A company that has over 1.3 million customers who are able to choose particular policies or a full spectrum covering everything from car insurance to building insurance, life insurance and even pet insurance. Encompass insurance lives up to its name as it does provide 360 degrees cover.

A full field force of insurance agents, in fact over 1,750 of these are employees who are fully trained to respond to your requirements, add to this a network of independent insurance agents who are well trained and informed on all the Encompass Insurance policies and you can even arrange a meeting in your home or a coffee shop if that is convenient for you to discuss your needs and requirements in person with a real agent. The results speak for themselves; Encompass Insurance has an all time high satisfaction rating of customer satisfaction of 95.6% according to internal Encompass Customer Satisfaction and loyalty rating conducted in 2009.

Encompass has a number of key benefits that certain internet based insurance companies tend to waiver on regarding quality and delivery. One of these is being able to meet your insurance agent or account manager in person, it is often far easier to gather information and have an active dialogue about your needs with a person in front of you than trying to navigate web pages or deal with a call center agent, if there are questions that cannot be immediately answered, the insurance agent can take the responsibility on board and come back to you with an answer at a later time.

Encompass insurance offers a useful facility that allows you to collect all of your insurance policies into a single portfolio that is known as the Universal Security Policy, it offers a number of advantages including the opportunity to select the most convenient payment plan that can be a monthly installment or an annual one-time payment meaning all policies on the same day. There is real convenience in this package approach as for example; you may be able to get a better rate on your car insurance but not such a good rate on your home and home content insurance. Chances are that with Encompass insurance handling your wider spread, you get a better rate on the whole. In addition, there are discounts and benefits that cross relate. When you have agreed upon your policy rates with Encompass, they will not suddenly vary during the term but remain locked in, bonuses are given, for example, for safe driving and money saving discounts can be applicable depending on which state you live in. Encompass are well regarded for being able to find a policy that interests you from an insurance provider and being able to offer it at a better price.

Communications with Encompass Insurance
Encompass insurance is not a web based insurance company and for some potential clients, this will be a turn off, while for those who do not like trading and dealing over the internet, this will be a positive asset. The insurance agent is the key interface, if you are not sure which agent to contact; there are lists of approved agents and their locations to be found on their website. User reviews confirm that in the vast majority of cases, your needs are dealt with quickly and efficiently, for example, if you are buying a car and have communicated all the required details to your insurance agent, the required documents will be with the vendor within 30 minutes more often than not during office working hours.

The same speed applies to insurance claim handling. If you need to make a claim for a car accident, Encompass Insurance will provide details of authorized repair centers that offer competitive rates and also help out with additional requirements such as injury claims, replacement vehicle options and recovery from accident scene. Encompass Insurance lives up to its name and adds genuine value with added benefits.

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