Direct General Auto Insurance

Direct General auto insurance is provided by DGC (Direct General Corporation), which is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, and has amassed a massive network of clients that are serviced by over 420 offices in more than 12 different states. Direct General provides both conventional auto insurance and motorcycle insurance, and both of these types of policies include a knowledgeable and extremely friendly claims service that simplifies the process of filing a claim after an accident. Direct General also provides invaluable tips on their website that teach you how to respond to a car accident and file a claim quickly with minimal stress. As a quality insurance provider, Direct General promises a fair claims process and guarantees that all eligible claims will be honored in a timely manner. Consider the following information pertaining to Direct General auto insurance, as well as the various benefits that this trusted insurance company has to offer.

What Makes Direct General Special?
Unlike other insurance providers that simply ask you a few questions and then recommend a plan based on a predefined template, Direct General works actively with their clients to provide services that can accommodate all of their needs on an ongoing basis. In addition, Direct General provides competitive rates to customers regardless of their driving or credit history, making it possible for even "high risk" drivers to obtain coverage after being denied by a multitude of other insurance providers. With more than 400 locations throughout the country, it is always easy to obtain personalized customer service from Direct General, and even if there is not a local branch nearby, you can always access their customer service hotline 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Since Direct General specializes in various forms of auto insurance, and does not allocate focus towards other insurance types like homeowners insurance, they are able to offer services that are fine-tuned to their customers needs.

Customizable Payments
Direct General auto insurance payments can also be customized to meet the income and budget needs of each individual. Direct General understands that everyone has a different payment schedule and handles their monthly expenses in different ways. Fortunately, you can choose a payment date when purchasing your policy in order to set up payments that are convenient for your current personal financial schedule. In addition, Direct General auto insurance provides flexible payment options that will allow you to split payments into affordable increments that can be designated based on your current budget and spending ability at various times throughout the month. Furthermore, you can choose how much money you would like to put towards a down payment, thereby determining how much your overall monthly payment will be. Direct General auto insurance agents will work with you to help create an ideal payment schedule that will make it easier to avoid late payments and fulfill all of your financial obligations with minimal stress.

Filing a Direct General Auto Insurance Claim
Immediately after being involved in an automobile collision you should do your best to remain calm, assess the situation to find out if anyone has been injured, and call 911 and/or request an ambulance if needed. Try to take note of all of the details of the collision, including but not limited to the model/make, year, and license plate number of the other vehicle involved in the collision, the time of day and address of the collision, personal contact information for the other party (i.e. – name, address, phone number, drivers license, and insurance credentials) any injuries that may have happened to involved parties. If you have a camera with you (a camera phone will suffice) try to capture images of the scene of the accident as thoroughly as possible, in case they are needed for evidence. After recording the details and speaking with the police about the situation, try to contact Direct General as soon as possible to facilitate a faster claims process.

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  1. I filed a claim when I was hit by a direct insurance policy holder. The claim was filed 4 days ago and I have left repeated messages and have not yet spoken with the adjuster who is suppose to be working the claim. She has not called to see if I am ok or if I need a rental car. I have been without a car for 3 days now because it died 2 days after the accident. So far I am very frustrated and disappointed with how this is being handled. No customer service whatsoever.