Davis Vision Insurance

The most over looked type of insurance is vision insurance. Many companies that provide medical and dental insurance to their employees often leave out vision insurance. However, there are a few companies that take advantage of a wide range of insurance policies that cover medical, dental and vision. Davis vision insurance policies are specifically designed for corporations. Corporations offer Davis vision insurance to their employees in different packages. Davis vision insurance plans cover eye examination, contact lenses and glasses. Vision plans are typically separate from medical and dental insurance, but there are a few plans that also offer Davis vision insurance as part of their policies.

Davis vision insurance is accepted by many major vision care specialists and online vision websites. Glasses and contact lenses that are purchases online are reimbursed by a Davis vision insurance policy. Clients may choose to buy their glasses or contact lenses off line at many retail stores. These are also covered by their Davis vision insurance policy. Premiums that are paid by the client may vary depending on the eye specialist they visit. Some eye specialist may be out of the Davis vision network and will be more expensive. Optometrists within the Davis vision network are fully covered.

Because Davis vision insurance policies cover both in-network and out of network vision care specialists, clients are able to purchase eyewear like reading glasses, sunglasses and prescribed glasses from any major eyewear store. This gives the client flexibility when shopping for new eyewear. The client keeps the receipt of the purchase of eyewear or services and then mails the receipt to the Davis vision agency. Davis vision will then reimburse their client a certain amount or all the cost that is associated with the eyewear purchase or services. Davis vision also allows their clients to pay the monthly premium online.

The Davis vision care agency offers affordable packages to a wide variety of clients. Clients have complete freedom with what types and styles of eyewear they can buy under the Davis vision insurance policy. Clients experience low cost policies that provide many options that are paid in full by the Davis vision insurance policy. Any type of frame can be chosen by the client and the amount of savings that are associated with lenses help clients save money. Davis vision insurance policies are recognized by over 30,000 eye care providers across the nation.

Another benefit to Davis vision insurance polices is the rate in which prices rise every year. Our current economic situation is creating an environment of inflation that is hard to keep up with. Davis vision insurance polices have an annual premium that does not exceed current inflation rates. These premiums usually go up around 2% every year. Renewals are significantly lower every year, which also helps the clients save money over time on eye wear and eye care procedures. The professionalism that is offered with Davis vision insurance policies has resulted in customer retention around 98%. Another factor that has created such high customer retention levels is the 24/7 live customer assistance that Davis vision provides.

Customers also use the many self service tools that are made available for both clients and members. Quality information is outlined in detail of all the products and services that Davis vision offers their clients and members. Davis vision insurance policies also cover lost, stolen or broken lenses and frames. Those who wear glasses know the importance of having this type of coverage, as they often lose or break their glasses. The biggest advantage is being able to use Davis vision insurance online. This is extremely convenient on the customer and saves time.

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  1. I have DAvis Vision Insurance through my employer. I have not been satisfied with it. There is a charge for a "fitting fee" for contact lenses that is only found in the (very) fine print. In addition to this, because I do not use the preferred Davis Vision Contact Lenses (they are older styles of lenses) I had to pay extra. So while we were told in Enrollment that our exams would be free (they for got to say glasses only) I had to pay $65.00.

    Overall, while the O.D.I went to was fine (Wal-Mart Vision) and the office clean and neat I was disappointed that the coverage was not what was promised.

  2. Davis vision owns visionworks and from I can tell is simply a tool to funnel money into those stores. The exam was only $10, and there was the promised discount towards the frames, but the charges for the lenses was in excess of $250. I found this "plan" to be a sham. I would rather go to a better doctor and pay the same amount for better quality frames and lenses than use the "insurance" I am now locked into paying for.