Cruise Insurance

A cruise is a luxurious and exciting experience. If this is something you are preparing for, something you may not have considered is cruise insurance. It is easily overlooked amidst the excitement of researching your destination, planning your itinerary, deciding what to pack and so on. However it is very important that you have some kind of travel insurance before you hit the high seas. Cruise insurance falls under the umbrella of travel/trip insurance, which may cover a variety of different things depending on the type of policy or bundle package you choose.

One type of cruise insurance is medical coverage. This covers your medical expenses if you become ill or injured while on your vacation. This type of insurance should cover doctor visits, hospital stays and prescription medications but check with your insurance agent to be sure. Medical evacuation insurance is a type of travel health insurance that may be good to have when going on a cruise. If you are injured or ill and must be evacuated to a hospital either where you are or in your home country, this insurance covers the cost. This is especially recommended if you plan on participating in any sports, especially extreme sports like windsurfing, hangliding, rock climbing, bungee jumping and so on.

Cruise insurance can also protect you in the event of lost or stolen luggage. If your bags are lost or stolen, you will be reimbursed up to a certain value. There is also insurance that covers you if your trip must be canceled due to your own illness, the illness of a traveling partner or the death of a family member. This usually comes along with trip delay coverage if your cruise must be delayed as well as if it must be cut short. Because you just never know what might happen when traveling, this type of insurance is a good thing to have.

Like all insurance policies, cruise insurance has coverage areas and exclusions. The things that are covered have been mentioned in this article, however you should note some things may be excluded as well. Some insurance policies do not cover you if you are traveling to a location that is considered high-risk or dangerous. As mentioned before, emergency evacuation and extreme sports may be covered, however you may have to get a special addition to your policy as the average policy may exclude these things. One thing is for certain, when you have cruise insurance you can relax and enjoy your vacation without worrying about all the things that can go wrong. Because if something unfortunate does occur, your insurance policy is there to take care of the costs.

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