Commercial Auto Insurance

Vehicles used for work are called commercial vehicles. You must carry commercial auto insurance on your company vehicles just as you must carry insurance on your personal car. There are different types of commercial vehicles and different types of policies for them.

Auto insurance for business vehicles is available for those who travel in a car or truck for business purposes. They have special policies for new businesses and those who need special seasonal coverage. Commercial auto insurance is not always required, for example someone who sells Tupperware and makes deliveries once a week around her neighborhood would be adequately covered through personal car insurance.

Pickup truck insurance is another type of coverage you may want to consider. If you are hauling goods on the road in a larger vehicle like a truck it may be necessary to get more than just liability insurance, which is most likely the minimum amount of coverage you must have. Liability insurance covers property damage and medical expenses for the other party in an accident that was your fault. Collision coverage will take care of your medical expenses and property damage if you are in a collision with another vehicle or object, regardless of who is at fault.

Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage for pickup trucks, or any business vehicle for that matter, is recommended. This type of insurance protects your business vehicle if you are in an accident with a negligent driver who is uninsured or who does not have enough coverage to take care of your property damage or medical expenses. Comprehensive coverage provides protection if the vehicle is ever stolen, vandalized or damaged by acts of nature. There are policies for different kinds of trailers as well.

Commercial vans are another type of business vehicle that may require a certain kind of insurance. There are many different types of businesses that use one or more vans, such as florists, couriers, caterers, certain types of contractors and more. If you are an employee and drive a work-provided van, it should be covered under a commercial policy purchased by the owner. If you are the owner of a small business or even the sole worker in your business you will have to get your van or vans insured. If you're not sure of the type of coverage or how much coverage you need, speak to a trusted insurance agent.

There are all kind of commercial trucks for which you need business insurance. They include semi trucks, box trucks, tractors, flatbed trailers, dump trucks and more. The type of insurance you need will depend on the type of truck you have and the type of work you're doing. Tow trucks need their own type of insurance, as they are directly involved with other vehicles. Types of insurance a tow truck owner might need include liability, medical payments insurance, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, physical damage coverage and more. An insurance agent experienced in insuring commercial vehicles can tell you more about the different policies available and what is recommended for you.

If you operate a motor vehicle for the purposes of work, you should check into whether or not you need commercial auto insurance. For many business owners it is a necessity.

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