Colonial Disability Insurance

Colonial disability insurance provides consumers with the assurance of knowing should something happen to prevent them from earning an income they are covered. There are many types of insurance, but disability insurance is one of the most important and often overlooked forms of coverage. Health, life, and auto insurance policies are known for their vast importance and auto insurance is required by law. There is no law stating that you must have disability insurance but should you become injured and lose the ability to work, you may find that it becomes difficult to keep up with your other forms of insurance. Colonial disability insurance provides the coverage you need to make certain that you’re protected should tragedy or an accident arise. There is no doubt that disability insurance is an important aspect of financial planning.

When considering insurance policies there is an important factor to think about regarding disability insurance. The person who becomes disabled not only loses the ability to earn an income, but often becomes a liability as they begin to incur plenty of bills related to health, medical care and often physical therapy. The time needed to dedicate to appointments and therapy can add up and prove burdensome on others who may need to adjust their schedules to help provide transportation or other assistance. Colonial disability insurance helps make certain that a person’s financial needs are provided for while undergoing this difficult time.

There is an age old question regarding whether all people need disability insurance. Some argue that it is certain everyone will die therefore all people need life insurance but think disability is less of a probability. This is no longer a question, however. As advanced medical treatments have prolonged the lifespan of many, there is a greater chance that someone will suffer a long term, chronic condition that will interfere with their ability to work. Though some employers provide disability insurance it is a wise idea to speak with a Colonial disability insurance representative to determine whether or not you are receiving enough coverage. There is no reason why you can’t add an individual disability insurance policy even if you have some disability provided by your employer.

Colonial disability insurance provides many benefits and can help you cover aspects of your health care that may not be provided under other policies. Though each Colonial disability insurance coverage policy varies by state as state and federal laws govern insurance policies there are general areas where you may expect to receive benefits or coverage. If you have any questions regarding Colonial disability insurance policies or the type of coverage you may obtain then contact your local Colonial representative for further information.

Many find that their Colonial disability insurance policy provides coverage for expenses such as travel, housing if traveling to areas for medical treatments, health care coverage on procedures and expenses that may not be covered under traditional health care policies, and assistance with cost of living expenses such as rent, mortgage, utilities, food, clothing and other daily needs. Another benefit to choosing Colonial disability insurance is that your coverage isn’t limited based upon other insurance policies you may have. Some disability insurance policies limit your coverage if you have other plans, such as Worker’s Compensation. This isn’t the case with Colonial disability insurance. With Colonial you can rest assured knowing that you will receive your payment whether or not your have other insurance policies in place.

As some disability insurance plans are provided by employers there is always the chance that should you lose your job you will also lose your disability insurance policy. When you choose an individual policy, the policy is yours meaning that you have the assurance of knowing regardless of your current job or if you switch jobs you will still have the protection and assurance of knowing you are covered for disability.

As there are different situations and needs for each individual it is important to speak to a Colonial disability insurance representative. As there are some exclusions or limits that will apply to your policy the only accurate way of knowing how much your policy will cost as well as the benefits is to speak with a representative.

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