CIGNA Health Insurance

CIGNA is one of the largest players in the international insurance market, both in providing health insurance to its customers, but also administering care through health maintenance organizations (HMOs.) In some localities, CIGNA even operates full service hospital and clinics, providing directly the care demanded by its clients and customers.

Today, eighty percent of CIGNA's health insurance business is in managing and providing the delivery of medical care rather than insurance. Under this model, CIGNA is an effective middle man between corporate clients and end users who purchase insurance. However, in Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas, CIGNA operates as an individual and family insurer.

Individual and Family Insurance
While CIGNA exists as a giant in health care delivery and has thousands of corporate clients, the individual and family side of CIGNA's operation remains small.

For direct individual purchases, CIGNA sells open access plans and health savings accounts. These two products cover most needs of both individuals and families. In some states, an open access value plan is also available.

Open Access Plans
You might think that since CIGNA is a power player in managed care that its plans would be mostly centered around its own network of doctors, specialists, clinics and hospitals. However, through the company's open access plans, CIGNA customers can visit any doctor, clinic, or hospital as with any other type of indemnity coverage. This allows for true flexibility in medical choices, and the convenience and customization of your medical care.

Open access plans can be used on every level of care, from the biggest and most expensive emergencies to regular annual checkups and prescription filling. Another product, the open access value plan, has a much higher deductible making it less economical for checkups and smaller items, but offers protection from accidents and emergencies.

CIGNA also offers vision
Both plans are sold to individuals and families, with the term “family” being different depending on the state. In Florida, for instance, families include spouses and their dependent children who are younger than 26, or younger than 30 if they currently reside in the state of Florida. Part time and full time college students living in any state qualify to 30, provided they do not also qualify for Medicare or Medicaid. By contrast, a family in Arizona is defined by spouses and dependents of younger than 26 years old. These details are made clear by CIGNA on each contract, with the names of each person listed on the policy.

Health Savings Account
Health savings accounts have emerged as a very popular method to extract the tax advantages of insurance without having actual insurance protection. With a health savings account, pre-tax income can be directed to a health savings account that can then be spent on anything related to medical care.

Health savings accounts provided by CIGNA allow members to use what is essentially a debit card on all medical purchases including prescriptions and over the counter medicine, clinic visits, and co-pays for other medical treatments and purchases. Thus, for people with an already existing insurance policy with a $100 co-payment, the co-pay can be paid with the health savings account, allowing customers to leave clinics and hospitals without any out of pocket expenses. CIGNA's health savings accounts, like all health savings accounts, can be used at any provider or clinic, with no networks.

CIGNA's full line of insurance allows individuals and families to meet all of their medical related insurance needs with one stop. With the addition of vision and dental care into one policy, customers can custom tailor an insurance product that covers all needs without gaps in coverage, or the hassle of different plans, companies, premiums, and co-pays.

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