Chartis Insurance

Founded in 2009, Chartis insurance (formerly known as Property Casualty and Insurance) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AIG (American International Group) with over 40,000 employees, and more than $30 billion in net written premiums as of 2010. Although Chartis was founded less than two years ago, they have the overall experience (more than 90 years worth) of their parent company – AIG. Chartis insurance currently serves more than 45 million clients throughout more than 160 different jurisdictions and countries worldwide. Chartis takes a unique approach to partnering with clients by offering comprehensive products and solutions designed to solve both complex and fundamental issues. The following paragraphs briefly discuss the various types of insurance provided by Chartis insurance, how this provider differs from other insurance companies, and a brief overview of other products and solutions offered by Chartis.

Types of Insurance Provided by Chartis Insurance
Insurance products offered by Chartis insurance are split into two main categories – Personal and Business. Chartis' personal lines of insurance products includes private client insurance, travel insurance, home and property insurance, and warranty insurance. The business line of insurance products offered by Chartis includes executive liability insurance, professional liability insurance, casualty insurance, workers compensation insurance, property insurance, accident and health insurance, environmental insurance, Global Marine energy insurance, alternative risk and finance solution insurance, and even aerospace insurance. Each of these insurance types are specifically designed to accommodate a wide range of client needs and requirements, so it is important to consult a qualified insurance agent in order to choose a plan that is most suitable.

Chartis Insurance Vs. Other Insurance Companies
In comparison to other insurance providers, Chartis may be relatively new, however the company was founded by an insurance provider (AIG) that has been offering quality insurance products for nearly 4 decades (since 1967). Unlike typical insurance providers, Chartis insurance provides a full product line for both commercial and personal clients. Chartis agents are professionally trained to help you find the most suitable insurance policy for your needs and requirements, with minimal input required on your behalf. Rather than focusing on a small selection of products and services, Chartis provides all-inclusive solutions to individuals and business owners of all ages, skill levels, occupational statuses, and insurance budget capabilities. Aside from insurance policies, Chartis insurance also provides the following extracurricular products and solutions to tens of thousands of clients.

Other Products and Solutions Offered by Chartis Insurance
Chartis offers a variety of international and multinational services including crisis management, global loss prevention, claims management, risk management, and loss control to more than 20,000 multinational business owners. Ultimately, when considering the works of its parent company (AIG), Chartis has more than 80 years of experience dealing with the aforementioned multinational services for large corporations and small businesses alike. Crisis management services offered by Chartis insurance are designed to help companies mitigate and manage the negative impacts of crises, in order to expedite the recovery process. Captive management services provide integrated risk assessment consultations, in order to provide effective business planning solutions for a diverse range business owners. The third main extracurricular service offered by Chartis insurance, global loss prevention, is a comprehensive loss control service specifically designed to offer clients cost-effective, reliable, and measurable techniques for improving competitive business efforts. Regardless of whether you need a basic personal insurance plan, or a comprehensive, all-inclusive business strategy/financial planning/insurance policy solution, there is a very high chance that Chartis insurance will be able to provide a product or service that can effectively accommodate your budget and insurance requirements.

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