Car Insurance for Young Drivers

Car insurance is a necessity today for many reasons. Many states require that insurance be provided to cover accidents. Purchasing car insurance for young drivers can be very expensive if you are not sure where to look. Since younger drivers have little or no experience behind the wheel, most insurance companies are hesitant to provide coverage for them. This drives up the cost of automobile insurance, normally for anyone younger than 21. Many companies will provide insurance for younger drivers provided the parents or guardians already have vehicle coverage in place with that same company. Teenage drivers who are forced to purchase their own insurance may find the rates virtually unaffordable. Normally, a policy is amended to add the teenager until they turn 21 or 23 in some states. At that time they are required to purchase their own vehicle coverage.

Young males often pay more than young females when it comes to vehicle coverage. This is simply because insurance companies feel that young males are a higher risk. Until a young driver ages past their twenties, insurance rates are going to be a big higher than rates for older drivers. With a clean driving record and fairly clean credit history however, rates can be lowered substantially after the age of 18 in most states. Getting the coverage that you need is often difficult depending on a number of factors. There are some insurance companies that simply will not grant coverage to young drivers unless a parent or guardian also has a policy with that company. The companies that do provide car insurance for young drivers often tend to charge excessive rates.

There are ways however that you can check for lower rates for young drivers. The key is to shop around and not put all of your interest in the first company that you see. Comparison shopping is the absolute best way to save money on all of your insurance needs. Take the time to research various companies and choose the policy and the premium that best suit your needs. You will find that doing your research online is much faster than calling or visiting each individual company. Most major automobile insurance carriers have websites that will allow you to put in your information and receive a quote for the coverage that you select. Spend some time visiting a few different companies online. The rule is normally at least three to five different companies so choose several and get quotes. Then you can look through the quotes that you have received and choose the one that best fits within your budget. Be sure however that you are also receiving the coverage that you need.

You can also look for specials or specialists that deal with insurance for young drivers. There are some companies that actually specialize in providing policies specifically for teenagers and those in their early twenties. Spend some time looking for various companies in your area or online that offer these specific services. The premiums are often a bit lower with companies that specialize in young drivers than with larger companies that do not. Some companies also provide special insurance coverage to those that are younger than 25. Take your time and look around before you purchase your vehicle coverage policy.

Finally, you can ensure that your vehicle is not driving up your insurance premium rates. Sports vehicles or those that are designed for speed will make your premiums much higher, particularly for those who are under 21. Most teenagers prefer to drive faster cars but this will simply cost you much more in premiums. Consider a safer alternative and your insurance rates will be much lower. If your teenager or young adult insists on a sports car or a faster vehicle, convince them to wait until they reach and older age before driving one. Premiums will drop substantially after age 25 so it may be best to wait until that time to begin driving a sports car or one that is specifically designed for speed.

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