Canadian Direct Insurance

Canadian Direct Insurance Inc., is an insurance company is chartered by the federal government. They have locations in both Alberta, Canada and British Columbia. The company was founded in May of 1996 and had its start selling auto insurance. In fact the company was the first in BC to use telemarketing as a sales technique. Today, they sell auto insurance, home insurance and travel insurance this way. The company can offer policies at discount prices because their quoting system is so state of the art.

There are some questions frequently asked by customers and potential customers about Canadian Direct Insurance. The most important thing drivers should know is what to do if they are in an accident. First, insurance information should be exchanged between the parties involved in the accident. If there are witnesses present, gather their names and telephone numbers. Also, if you are able, take notes of your version of the experience as it is still fresh in your mind. Even if no damage or only minor damage was caused to either party in an accident insurance companies still need to be notified.

With Canadian Direct Insurance, there are limits as to how long a driver has to complete the claim process. In Alberta, you have one year while in British Columbia you have two. Another commonly asked question is in regards to wear and tear or mechanical failure of your vehicle. These are exclusions, not covered by your auto insurance policy. Other exclusions are personal items that may be damaged during an accident or stolen from the vehicle. Also, your deductible applies all the time, except in the rare case that a negligent driver's policy takes care of your deductible.

As mentioned previously, this company offers auto insurance, home insurance and travel insurance. Their auto insurance policies include liability, collision, comprehensive and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. The type of insurance you need for you vehicle depends on your budget, the type of vehicle you have and various other factors. You can get a free quote at the company website or speak directly to a customer service representative for assistance on choosing a policy.

There are also different types of home insurance available. Basic homeowners insurance is available in a variety of different policy types. Also available is condo insurance, tenants insurance, seasonal homeowners insurance and insurance for landlords. Travel insurance from Canadian Direct Insurance is designed for those who want protection from the various calamities possible during travel.

Travel medical insurance is important to have in case you become ill or injured during a trip. There is also trip delay and cancellation insurance, which protects you financially if your trip is delayed or canceled due to unforseen circumstances. Many travel policies also cover things like lost and/or damaged luggage. Speak with a Canadian Direct Insurance agent for more information about the different types of travel insurance available. If you are in one of the service areas, this insurance company can take care of most all of your coverage needs.

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