Blue Cross Dental Insurance

The cost of dentistry has skyrocketed in recent years just as the cost of medical care has. Because of this, many people only see a dentist or oral surgeon when they have a toothache or an accident that result in a broken tooth (or one being knocked out in worst case scenario) which means that they have no preventative services in between. Blue Cross dental insurance is available in many areas and is just one of the many services offered by a company that has become probably the most recognized and well-respected name in health insurance.

Types of Blue Cross Dental Insurance Available
There are actually two general types of Blue Cross dental insurance which would include coverage on a group PPO plan and a standalone policy that is available to individuals and families. A PPO plan is quite often an optional coverage when you have a Blue Cross health insurance plan at your place of employment. Most often there are five different levels of coverage. The first plan is Traditional Plus Dental which allows for both open access and PPO network features. The second is the Traditional Plus Preventative Dental which is similar to Traditional Plus but with the added benefit of preventative services. In the middle Of the Rd., Blue Cross dental insurance offers Community Dental where you can choose dentists both in and out of network. Next on the list is Exclusive Dental which is an EPO plan which only covers emergency services outside of a preferred provider network. And finally, Blue Dental Choice is part of a group plan only available through employers paid for solely by the employee.

Standalone Group Dental Plans
Sometimes consumers have health insurance through their place of employment but unfortunately dental coverage is not an option. In cases like this there are actually four different Blue Cross dental insurance plans which can be offered as a standalone dental plan to small groups of 2 to 99 employees. The health insurance plan which the employer carries does not have to be Blue Cross. This is what a standalone dental insurance plan is all about. Four of the five types of dental insurance offered by Blue Cross can be offered as standalone dental plans. Those options include Community Dental, Traditional Plus, Blue Dental Choice and Exclusive Dental. It just could be that Blue Cross health insurance isn't available where your place of employment is but standalone dental plans are. If you are an employer who would like to provide up to 99 contracts of Blue Cross dental insurance to your employees simply contact a Blue Cross agent you're online or in your area to discuss rates. Of all the plans, remember, only Blue Dental Choice is paid for by the employee with no participation from the employer.

It is important to carry dental insurance not only for cosmetic reasons but simply because dental healthcare is every bit as important as any other type of healthcare. Whether you want to provide the ability to use the same dentist they have used forever or would like to allow them the liberty to choose a dentist from a PPO network there is a plan available. Just decide on the type of plan that best meets your needs and the needs of your employees so that you can get quotes and perhaps compare costs with other dental insurance companies you have contacted. Individuals, families and employers should seriously consider adding dental coverage to their health insurance plans in order to have the most well-rounded coverage possible.

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