Auto-Owners Insurance

Auto-Owners Insurance Company has been in operations for more than 90 years and provides various insurance coverage options. Auto-Owners Insurance Group is made up of five different property and casualty companies as well as one insurer of life/health and annuities. The company has received various awards for their ability to pay insurance claims while remaining financially stable and is ranked among the Fortune 500 with written premiums in excess of $4 billion.

Auto-Owners Insurance Group provides a variety of different life insurance products. From whole and universal life to term life policies, the company offers various policies and premiums for those in search of life insurance coverage to protect their families in the event of their death. Annuities are also offered. Annuities provide an income stream that helps you to provide for your future. Auto-Owners provides various annuity options that are designed to help customers to secure their financial future through secure investment portfolios.

In addition to annuities and life insurance policies, the company also provides long-term care coverage and disability insurance for consumers. Disability insurance will help to provide necessities such as housing, food and utilities in the event you are ever injured for a long period of time and cannot work. Various homeowners’ insurance policies are provided as well to cover single dwelling homes, condominiums, mobile homes and farms. Rental property coverage is also available for landlords of rental properties as well as the renters themselves. Coverage is provided for 100 percent of the cost of replacement as well as specific discounts on coverage for dwellings that are still under construction, mature homeowners and renters, multiple policies, protection devices such as fire extinguishers and smoke alarms and various others. You can check with your local Auto-Owners Insurance Group to see what discounts are available to you.

The company also provides various umbrellas or optional coverage for boats, earthquake and flood protections, food spoilage from power outages, furs, sports equipment, identity theft coverage, jewelry, snowmobiles and personal computers among other belongings.

Automobile insurance is also provided with various discounts for certain factors. Cars, trucks, motor homes and commercial vehicles are all covered under the proper policy. Optional coverage is offered for things such as lease and loan gaps, medical payments, road service and uninsured motorists. For commercial vehicles, additional coverage can be purchased for deadhead coverage, non-ownership liability for employers and many other options. Check with your local office or look at the company’s website for more specific information about the various coverage benefits offered.

In addition to personal life, home and auto coverage, Auto-Owners Insurance provides coverage for businesses. Coverage is offered for commercial buildings, business liability coverage, automobiles used for business purposes, employees, garages, dealerships and a variety of others. Optional additional coverage is also available for business life, earthquake and flood protection, professional liability and other needs. Simply contact an Auto-Owners agent for more specific information about the coverage that you need as well as any discounts for which you may qualify. The company provides millions of dollars in coverage to consumers and businesses around the nation every year.

When shopping for insurance it may be best to take the time to shop around a bit before you choose your specific policy. If for instance you are searching for health insurance, take a look at the various policies that the company offers and then choose the policy that best suits your specific needs regarding coverage as well as cost. Check for any discounts that may be available for you as well as any additional benefits before you choose your policy. Auto-Owners Insurance offers a wide range of different insurance options for virtually all consumer and business needs. Take the time to look over the various coverage aspects before choosing and purchasing a specific policy just to ensure that you get the precise coverage that you need.

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