Ameritas Dental Insurance

Medical insurance is a necessity that people use for a number of medical emergencies and normal medical checkups. Most medical insurance plans don’t include a dental or vision plan. Dental plans can be purchased separately and the Ameritas dental insurance agency provides affordable plans. Independent insurance analyst and investors are investing in insurance agencies. The money invested is used to earn interest and fund dental procedures. In other words, the money Ameritas dental insurance agency uses to cover their clients is funded by investors and dental insurance members. An estimated 3.6 million dental claims are filed every year with the Ameritas dental insurance agency.

Claims are usually handled and completed within 7 days of the beginning of the dental claim. Ameritas dental insurance agency covers the use of state-of-the-art dental technology and high tech procedures. Ameritas dental members have enough flexibility to make their dental plans meet their needs. If adjustments need to be made to meet their specific needs, customers can contact their insurance agent and make the adjustments. Ameritas dental insurance covers dental work in all 50 states. There is close to 80,000 providers that are a part of the Ameritas network. The network is big and there are plenty of dentists who accept the Ameritas dental insurance program.

The Ameritas dental insurance agency provides 3 major dental insurance plans that work differently for different individuals and families. These 3 major dental insurance plans are the saver plan, progressive plan and the traditional plan. The traditional plan allows the customer to choose which dentist they want to use. Ameritas dental insurance will pay 100% of the cost for the dental work and other dental procedures performed. Customers can also choose their calendar year maximums. The traditional dental insurance plan with the Ameritas dental agency also provides high coinsurance levels with low deductibles.

The progressive plan will work differently when determining how much the insurance is going to cost the customer. After each year is completed, the next year’s premium will be dictated with how much the dental insurance was used the previous year. Customers also have their choice of dentist with the progressive plan. After a 12 month elimination period, adults and children will be covered for orthodontia procedures. The progressive plan should be used primarily for families. Each year will dictate the next years dental insurance cost. When families are expecting future dental work for their kids, they will choose the progressive plan over the traditional plan.

The saver plan that the Ameritas dental insurance agency provides is primarily used for preventative care. This plan has a short elimination period for basic and major dental plans. This plan also gives the customer dental rewards as they use the dental insurance over a period of time. Unused dental services can be rolled over to the next year. Each plan will meet the many different needs of individuals and families. Child dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, braces, crowns and dentures, oral surgery and root canals are all typical services that Ameritas dental insurance provides.

Child dentistry is extremely important for families who have children. Educational material is provided by the Ameritas dental insurance agency that helps families ensure their children grow up with healthy teeth. Cosmetic dentistry is covered that is important for those who are concerned about how well their smile looks. Crowns and dentures are procedures that are covered for those who need significant dental work done. Braces are important for children and adults who want to straighten their teeth. These services can be extremely expensive without using some type of dental insurance. Families and individuals will save a lot of money over time when they use the Ameritas dental insurance program.

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